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Canadian Media Club
Canadian Media Club

Canadian Media Club is the freshly emergent platform for young stars to showcase their talents in Canada. Many youngsters brimming with offbeat and original skills will find Canadian Media Club as their doorway to the world of entertainment.

The club was founded by RJ Jithu Joseph Thomas and his team recently with the noble goal to bring out talented youngsters to the limelight. Much to the expectation of budding artists, this club will indeed be the future gateway and the most awaited platform for gifted youngsters to climb their way to success and get noticed.

Currently, nearly 150+ members with various talents in diverse art forms, movie making, photography and other creative acumen have enrolled with the club. The club also has quick evolving Instagram page for youngsters to associate with and follow their handle:

RJ Jithu Joseph Thomas, the director of Ollulleru Canadian version song for the promotion of Ajagajantharam movie, came up with this highly innovative platform to spot the best talents across Canada and bring them to the forefront. After watching this song, Tinu Pappachan the director of Ajagajantharam movie and Antony Varghese (Peppe) appreciated RJ Jithu Joseph Thomas and they also shared this song on their timeline. Needless to say it became viral and got almost half million views in a short time.

The Mesmerizing flash mob during the release of blockbuster movie Kurup in Canada was solely directed by Michael Thresiamma Sheikh and CMC team.

Michael Thresiamma Sheikh

The performance received an overwhelming success and gathered prize money worth 5 lakh INR in appreciation. Dulquer Salman, the front man and main cast of the blockbuster movie personally appreciated the performance and posted snapshots of the event on his Instagram handle. To view the performance, click here. The video crossed over 500k views and was a super hit among the fans. After watching this song, Dulquer Salman shared this song on his social media timelines.

After he received such a wide attention RJ Jithu Joseph discussed about the making of his dream project with his fiancé Sandra Reji Joseph. He also shared it with his friends Michael Thresiamma Sheikh, Pravida Menon, Samson Joseph, Yahya Raheem Panakkal, Stefly J Sam and producer Samson Antony. These 7 are board directors of Canadian media Club. With the encouragement and confidence from his teammates, this strikingly creative club to project latent talents was born. It was founded and inaugurated on 26th Dec, 2021. Besides these 7 people, a team of 150+ creative and talented young people extend their support in all their ventures.

Ever since, the Club has grown enormously, the members have been working endlessly to identify and showcase young talents. It also engages in arranging a myriad of entertainment programs, organizing movie promotions, shows, events and so on.

The Canadian Media Club organized an interesting event with Mallugoose very recently. This event grabbed wide attention and as a result lots people gathered there to take a look at the amazing collection of vintage model cars.

Canadian Media Club(CMC) has a Student Wing that provides guidance and advice to students seeking admissions to Canadian universities or colleges. CMC has also been a front runner in providing humanitarian, federal and legal counsel to students and community members alike. Follow Canadian Media Club Instagram to get updates on their latest events.

The entire Canadian Malayalee Community has embraced this club with open arms and has accepted it to be an entertainment dais that can offer a host of fun to the Canadian Malayalees. Let’s stay tuned for more surprising events from Canadian Media Club.

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