Ontario Health & Social Services collaborates with Community Development Halton to create volunteers that can become real-life heroes!

Community Development Halton
Community Development Halton

Kindness might cost you nothing, but it might mean the world to someone. Ontario Health & Social Services collaborates with Community Development Halton to make a difference in the lives of older adults. This Halton region-based outreach project intends to reach out to the elderly who are living alone in the region. Older adults are generally the vulnerable cluster of people in the society who become socially isolated due to the pandemic, lonely, emotionally, physically and psychologically weak, facing financial constraints due to meagre income.

On understanding the deprived state of the isolated older adults, as a part of this initiative, Ontario Health & Social Services welcomes volunteers to join, contribute and share messages of hope, care and kindness to these elders. People of all ages living in any part of Canada are invited to be a kind-hearted volunteer. You could be a student, a benevolent family, a working  professional of any age or another older adult who wants to touch another life, whoever you are, all that matters is your heart and intent to serve others. You can also virtually connect with these organisation and render your services.

You can craft soothing messages in the form of poetry, letters, inspiring lyrics, videos, pictures, cards or any artwork. Most of these elders have enough spare time and also enjoy decoding puzzles, brainteasers, crosswords and wordplay, thus any games that would engage with them will also be appreciated.

You are volunteering for a cause that can put a smile on someone’s face. So, we welcome you to do it with joy and enthusiasm. The project plans to deliver 800 messages to the elders in the region. This volunteering doesn’t require fixed hours of work or your physical presence, all you need to do is express your gesture of kindness, love and care towards the older adults who need them the most.

You can deliver your work and messages either by mail or you can din personin-person at the Ontario Health & Social Services Halton Regional office. All student volunteers will receive a certificate of appreciation for their volunteering towards this noble initiative, on request. 

The mail id to send your letters & messages:

For further information: mail us @  or call Heather Thompson at 289-348-1503

Email  or Call/Text: 647-854-0358 for further assistance

Click here to register to be a volunteer. You will get your instructions from the Ontario Health & Social Services as soon as you register.

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