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Pursuing Cinematic Dreams: Christy Varghese’s Journey of Success in Canada

Christy Varghese
Christy Varghese

Born and brought up in the vibrant town of Chalakkudi, Thrissur, Kerala, Christy Varghese has always been fueled by a deep passion for storytelling and filmmaking. Despite pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering from Universal Engineering College in Irinjalakuda, Christy’s ambition was to direct movies for the big screen. Today, he is making waves in the Canadian film industry as a talented writer, director, and co-founder of the production company, Magic Mist Media.

Christy’s journey in the world of creativity began during his childhood. He found solace in writing and was actively involved in essay writing competitions and acted in various dramas. As he grew older, his desire to pursue his creative aspirations intensified. While studying engineering, he began exploring the art of filmmaking by working on a short film called “Ithanu Sheri” in 2017. This experience solidified his passion for directing and set him on a path towards fulfilling his dreams.

In 2018, Christy took a significant step forward by writing the script for the album “.Wall Post Love” This opportunity allowed him to showcase his storytelling skills and further solidify his position as a promising writer in the industry. Christy’s dedication and hard work continued to pay off as he ventured into the world of associate directing, honing his craft with each project.

Before his move to Canada, Christy worked in an IT company for some time. During this period, he actively pursued his passion for filmmaking and took part in the production of three short films and one music album. One notable project he worked on was “Krithi,” where he served as an associate director. This experience helped him gain valuable insights into the filmmaking process and further fueled his determination to succeed in the industry.

In May 2018, Christy made the life-changing decision to move to Canada, seeking new opportunities and a broader platform for his creative endeavors. However, his transition to the Canadian film industry was not without its challenges. Initially, he struggled to find his footing and establish himself in a new country with a distinct cultural landscape. Despite these obstacles, Christy remained resilient and determined to turn his dreams into reality.

To enhance his skills and expand his knowledge, Christy enrolled in Centennial College in Scarborough, where he studied mechanical engineering technology design from 2018 to 2019. This additional educational experience provided him with a unique perspective and a solid foundation in his technical expertise. However, his heart remained dedicated to the world of filmmaking.

Following his academic pursuit, Christy ventured into the manufacturing industry, where he worked for two years. Although it was not directly related to his creative aspirations, Christy’s unwavering commitment to his dreams remained steadfast. He continued to build connections and network within the Canadian film industry, eagerly awaiting the right opportunity to showcase his talents.

In 2020, Christy’s relentless pursuit finally bore fruit when he co-founded Magic Mist Media, a production company that aims to create meaningful and engaging video content. Alongside cinematographer Akshay Moncy, Christy embarked on this entrepreneurial journey, driven by their shared vision and passion for storytelling. Within just two years of its inception, Magic Mist Media has garnered recognition for its exceptional work and has completed eight successful projects.

Magic Mist Media has become a platform that nurtures and supports young, passionate artists and technicians within Canada’s creative landscape. Christy and Akshay have cultivated a vibrant community that welcomes aspiring writers, directors, actors, and producers to collaborate and bring various forms of video content to life.

Some of Christy’s notable projects in Canada include the films “Shalabha,” “Nenjorame,” “Pandu Ninne”and “Kina.” Through these works, he has showcased his talent as a versatile writer and director, leaving an indelible mark on the Canadian film industry. The projects are available for viewing on Magic Mist Media’s YouTube channel, where audiences can witness Christy’s unique storytelling style and his ability to capture the essence of human emotions.

Despite his accomplishments, Christy’s journey is far from over. He is currently working part-time in the aviation field while dedicating his weekends to pursuing his passion for filmmaking. With unyielding determination, he aspires to make a significant impact in the Malayalam film industry and hopes to collaborate with talented Canadian actors to create memorable cinematic experiences.

Throughout his journey, Christy has been supported by his family, including his father, Varghese, his mother, Shanty, and his sisters, Anna and Christeena. Their unwavering belief in his abilities and their constant encouragement have played a crucial role in his success.

In the words of Christy Varghese, “Follow your passion.” This quote encapsulates his unwavering commitment to his dreams and serves as a guiding principle for aspiring filmmakers and creatives. Christy’s success story serves as an inspiration to individuals who dare to dream big, reminding them that with persistence, dedication, and an unwavering passion, they too can turn their dreams into reality.

As Christy Varghese continues to make his mark in the Canadian film industry, bridging the worlds of Kerala and Canada, he stands as a shining example of the power of pursuing one’s passion and creating a life that is fueled by creativity and purpose.

Christy Varghese has two upcoming short films. One of them is titled “Chimera” and has been submitted to the IFFSA Festival. The other film is called “Pokunno Thoni”.

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