Story of ‘Michelle’s Hair’ – A beauty brand found and nurtured by hair stylist and beautician Michelle Huang

Michelle Huang
Michelle Huang

Scarborough: Kolkata is a city of colors. The yellow Ambassador taxi cabs waiting for you as you disembark at Howrah railway station, blue idols of goddess Kali for sale in the streets, green-covered gardens throughout the city, red colored tika powder selling shops….. In Park Street, Belur or Kalighat, wherever you look, it’s just a unique combination of colors. But Life was not so colorful for a girl named Michelle Huang, who was born in this city of colors. Her life was a tough journey, like old trams heading through the busy streets of Kolkata. A great journey from an ordinary Indian girl born in a middle class family to a strong woman entrepreneur in Toronto by crossing a lot of obstacles and boundaries on the way. The life story of Michelle’s Hair owner Michelle Huang is also an exemplary example for every woman who wants to stand on her own two feet.

Born to Lu Huang, a shoemaker, and Mary Huang, a housewife, Michelle, who had only an average standard of study, was a girl who had not many friends and was almost confined to her home. She was a child staring at the colorful and crowded streets of Kolkata through the windows of her house. At that time, not even once she dreamed that she would have to go outside Kolkata or India or become an entrepreneur one day. Her family moved to Mumbai when Michelle was 16 years old. Initially, adapting to new life situations in Mumbai seemed a bit tough for her. It took her a considerable amount of time to get used to the sights of Mumbai. Eventually, when enough time passed she became a typical Mumbaikar.

While most of the Indian girls of her age opted for medicine and engineering courses for a job, Michelle was completely different from all of them. She chose to take a beautician course, since she is much fond of hair stylist and beautician jobs. At the age of 24, Michelle decided to move to Canada for a better life. That decision was very decisive. The moment of landing in Toronto was a turning point in her life. Michelle literally worked hard to adapt to the new place and new ways of life. After much loitering, she got a job as a beautician at a beauty salon in Scarborough Town Center. Because of her passion, dedication and professionalism, she excelled in that job. Gradually many customers began to reach out to that beauty salon, specifically asking for Michelle’s service.

For almost twenty years, Michelle continued working in the town center of Scarborough. During this time, Michelle was thinking of a lot of business opportunities because of her keen desire to grow and excel in life. She had even taken a small step in the restaurant business. But it ended up in vain and resulted in a lot of financial loss. But with a persevering and optimistic character, Michelle was not ready to lose. By investing all the money she had saved, She subsequently started ‘Michelle’s Hair’ in Scarborough. According to her, It was very much a last-ditch effort for her to succeed in life. With a combination of hard work and excellent service, Michelle’s venture began to be noticed. The trust that Michelle has gained from customers over the years has also been a critical factor in the growth of ‘Michelle’s Hair’. If ‘Michelle’s Hair’ has become one of the busiest beauty salons in Toronto today, visited by a large number of customers daily, it is also a testament to the excellence of the entrepreneurship of Michelle Huang.

Michelle’s Hair in Scarborough specializes in a variety of services such as haircuts, color, highlights, balayage, ombré, smoothing, hair treatment and perms. It is actually a salon for women only. However, Michelle says she rarely does men’s haircuts if asked by close friends or relatives. Her favorite quote is “Do your best and god will take care of the rest”. According to Michelle, the secret of Michelle’s Hair’s success is commitment to its customers and excellence in service. She adds that word of mouth is the best advertisement. Michelle also practices holistic health since last 25 years. Michelle Huang is a health consultant advising clients on what to eat and supplements to take for thicker hair growth, better skin and nails. Michelle understands that thicker or silkier hair makes people appear more youthful and glowy. Let’s all hope that more women will come forward to follow Michelle’s path and achieve success in life.

Contact Michelle Huang at +1 647 886 7784

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