The quintessential ingredients of success are perseverance, concentration and hard work, says Mathew Jacob

Mathew Jacob
Mathew Jacob

Mississauga: Paul van den Brande, owner of the largest business development community at LinkedIn, a business and employment-oriented online service, has once said a remarkable thing. “A rejection never means ‘no.’ It means ‘not now.’ Until the prospect becomes a customer, the sales life cycle continues.” These words are a perfect example of how persevering and hard working a person should be in the field of business development. Of course, this persistence, diligence and endurance are the secret of the success of Mathew Jacob, who lives in Mississauga, Ontario. Though a Malayalee, Mathew’s education and employment were in Gujarat, where he literally grew up. His keen interest in business began during his studies. It was due to this keen interest that he took marketing as the major subject in his MBA course. His longtime friends testify that he had a lot of insight and expertise in business strategies even when he was an adolescent.

Due to his tireless work and immense talent, he did not have to do a long job search after his education. He started his career as a Business Development Manager at ‘Times of India‘ , one of the most eminent business groups in India. Because of the reputation of the brand and it’s professional atmosphere, his job at Times of India gave him the opportunity to meet many great personalities. He was able to shine in this new role in a short period of time. He always had an extraordinary ability to explore new business opportunities by thinking out of the box and understand market trends. As a result, despite being a beginner, his excellent performance was praised by his superiors. He remained with Times of India until he immigrated to Canada in 2001. Like everyone else he was also hoping to find a more conducive environment for his field of work in Canada.

Like any beginner, his early days in Canada were a testing time for him. He spent most of his time doing small sales jobs during 2001- 02. But getting a career promotion was not impossible for someone as consistent as Mathew Jacob. Gradually he was able to align himself with better opportunities in the field of business development. He says his tenure at UPS, Bell and Rogers has given him a lot of exposure , work experience and knowledge as a business development executive in a typical Canadian Business scenario. In the meantime, he found himself the extra time to enter his most cherished field – the Media field too. He is currently the Bureau Chief of Kairali TV Network in Canada and is also a well-known media person among the Indian community. He is very active in the cultural activities of the Malayalee associations and held positions including Director board member and Auditor of the Canadian Malayalee Association. He has organized many programs for children and adults during his affiliation with Malayalee associations.

The ‘Culfest’ competition for children organized by Mathew Jacob in 2008 was very impressive. This program grabbed wide attention among the Malayalee community. Culfest has become a platform for many children to showcase their talents. Apart from this, the annual entertainment gala program “CHILL” designed by him for the Malayalee diaspora has been acclaimed by many. This program provided a lot of opportunity for the Malayalees living with nostalgia in Canada to reunite with the memories of their homeland. “CHILL”was well received by the community because of its organizational excellence and planning by Mathew Jacob and other team members.In the meantime, he produced and released a short film too, titled ‘Always with you’ because of his passion for art and film. The film received a good response from the audience. He is currently in the process of producing a Musical Program called “ORMASPARSHAM” for music lovers and singers under Kairali TV banner.

He attributes his success in the field of Business to his obsession to excel in his chosen fields. “You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to make it right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out. ” These famous words of Steve Jobs’s are quite relevant and meaningful when we evaluate Mathew Jacob’s success story. Simultaneously, he is a Realtor with Royal Star Realty, Business Account Manager at Telus Corporation and the Bureau Chief of Kairali TV Network in Canada. His wife Regeena Mathew is employed with Halton Healthcare Services and eldest daughter Reshma Elizabeth Mathew is pursuing her studies at York University, Toronto. The second daughter, Rianna Mary Mathew is attending the University of Waterloo and the youngest son Reuel Jacob Mathew is a fourth-grader. Despite a reasonably busy schedule, he is always keen and open to spend time discussing and exploring new maneuver and innovative concepts in the fields of media and business development. Of course, let’s hope for sure that a professional business strategist like Mathew Jacob would greatly be successful and would come out in flying colors in all his endeavors!

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