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Do you remember the time when we were kids and dreamt of having a perfect and magical life? How many of us have achieved that? Each of you would agree that having your own way in life takes a lot of courage and strength. Not everyone can do that, and those who can deserve all the acknowledgments, just like Savio.

Today we will talk about one such story, which will get back your faith in magic and make you believe that life can be magical too. The only thing that you need to do is have the perseverance and the determination to achieve the same. Saviobr made it big in life with his magic, and his magical approach inspires us to try out more and experiment with life.

Early Life and Origin

Savio has always been vocal about how magic was his life’s true love since childhood. Although he was born in Sharjah, he shifted to Canada at age 4 and has been curious since childhood. His earliest exposure to the world of magic was when his parents gifted him with a magic kit at the age of just 10 years. This began his journey. He started performing for his parents, relatives, and friends as a kid.

His first rendezvous as a professional magician was at the age of 13 for $100 after he performed as a magician at one of the birthday parties hosted by his family friend. In his first show, he got a booking for a show and then earned 200 dollars for a 2-hour show. The person who made the booking asked Savio to interact with the audience during the show, making him more envisioned than ever.

He started to take up more shows, and now you could see Savio performing as a magician at anniversaries, baptisms, and, not to forget – birthday parties too! One of the major driving forces behind his magic shows was his sheer love for this field and the fact that he could earn extra pocket money through his school and university days.

Crossing Milestones Doing What You Love.

One of the most monumental life milestones he achieved was performing a show with around 200 to 250 people, and that too by renting a theatre of his own. Can you believe that he did the show only when he was 15 to 16 years of age? Although his parents and brothers were supportive, it was all his hard work and dedication. His friends were also there to help him and then joined in at the show as dancers to make it more entertaining.

You would not believe Savio tried the most popular yet challenging acts of magic for a person doing his first show. It includes acts like appearing out of a cage that was set one fire or even pickpocketing and mentalism. Yes, you read it right! Pickpocketing is an act that involves participants coming on stage and having things stolen for entertainment purposes. Everything is given back at the end!

Mentalism involves people’s thoughts and ideas. Random participants are asked to think of different pieces of information which is then revealed in impossible ways.

One of Savio’s most phenomenal achievements is he was one of the finalists of the best talent shows of all time – Canada’s Got Talent, in 2022. The audience and the judges were in awe of his skills; he has proven extraordinarily talented since then. The good thing about his performance is that he has continually evolved his art and ensured there is something new to look forward to.

Supportive Parents Can Be the Ultimate Pillar

One of the most promising things about his success is how his parents supported him throughout the journey. His father is exceptionally fond of acting, while his mother is also a dancer. They have supported him throughout his endeavor and ensured that along with pursuing magic, he can also keep up with his studies. Not only that, but his brother was also a driving force for him throughout. He helped him in everything from filming to backstage assistance. Savio is a computer science graduate from The University of Western Ontario.

Nothing Comes Easy

But there are always two sides to the same coin, and nothing comes easy. Savio, too, had to face much adversity on his journey to becoming a magician. One of which being the pushback received from societal pressures, as the importance was always more towards his degree in computer science being the best career choice.

When it comes to the profession of magic, Savio agrees that there are both negative and positive sides to the same. The good thing is that he gets to do many exciting things and is always on the go. However, it can get lonely at the top, particularly when you are constantly moving; the journey gets more complicated than you think. But Savio absolutely loves what he does and wouldn’t trade it for the world

Savio’s Message for Youngsters

Savio believes that the sky is the limit. So, he advises the youngsters to keep moving toward their dream and manifest them just like he did. “You have to believe in yourself before anybody else does,” he says. Only when you believe in yourself and do what you love, will you enjoy your profession; otherwise, it will become a burden. Certainly, Savio has set an example for us to chase our dreams and try every different thing in life to discover where our heart lies.

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