Grabbing all life has to offer: Kavitha K Menon

Kavitha K Menon

Life is too short to settle. You must keep flowing like water exploring, and accepting everything life offers with open arms. In the journey of ups and downs, you never know when you will start becoming an inspiration when all you do is live life to the fullest. Such a road is not imaginary as she/her, Kavitha K Menon, has brought it alive.

 Kavitha K Menon is the epitome of love, compassion, and determination. None could explain better that the only thing standing between you and your dreams is you. 

If you want to change society, you should first change yourself. You might have heard this many times, but here’s a great example of a lady who worked hard, day in and day out, to bring about a change in our society. Kavita Menon an eminent Lawyer hailing from the South of India. Her success is not an overnight story.

Her family strongly believed in “Parobakarartham itham shareeram,” which means that ‘Life is meant to serve others .’Kavita praises her family members and friends for bringing out the good in her and supporting her, which resulted in her becoming a person.

A step toward justice

As a child bringing justice to people and understanding the negligence people made while providing justice excited her, which led her to pursue a career in Law. After working in Corporate/IPR streams she decided to migrate to Canada after getting a scholarship from Queens University to do her Masters in law. In Canada, people/her colleagues were forwarding their legal practice journey in areas such as real-Estate as it had a lot of money. But for her, money was not everything because she didn’t want to restrict her future to just one thing as she was a Sophophile. She took Law to learn things under the sun and to explore different facets of life. She was someone who used to provide free legal aid in India which used to excite her and that made her do a social work degree.

Hands that love to help

Do you know how she keeps the values alive?  As a Registered Social Worker, she is working in a child protection setting and contributes to mitigating child abuse and neglect. Her true expertise is in dealing with high-risk youths with behavioral challenges and developmental disabilities. At the government agency she works, she is a core member of the EDI committee ( Equity Diversity Inclusivity). She volunteers in various community-based organizations and dedicates her time as an Equality Rights activist, and Violence Against Women peer supporter.  She is an independent woman with strong values and a support system. She has her opinion that it’s high time Indo-Canadians normalize divorce as she is divorced, and she doesn’t shy away while introducing herself as a divorcee.  The same applies to mental health issues, LGBTQ2S+. She does her contributed to bringing awareness about these issues in addition to domestic violence and its physical, emotional, psychological, and mental impact on children and survivors. 

The immigrant population does struggle without seeking the right help so through various platforms she offers counseling support after she got her certification in Couple counseling. She helps couples by providing strategies in both reconciliation and the path of mutual divorce in an amicable way by avoiding hefty legal fees.

A dive into entertainment

She is very well aware that the level of Social work and volunteering activities tends to emotionally drain her so in order to balance she does her freelance media work with several channels and groups.  Last year she took charge as  Director of Marketing and PR of Rousing Rhythm Entertainments and she leads content development, PR, marketing, contract management, and community outreach through promotions. RR did establish the brand with the very first event HI-GH-ON-MU-SIC and they are in the process of planning their upcoming event with way more surprises.   

Her journey in media began in 2005 as a freelancer TV presenter on Surya TV and TCV which made the Malayala Manorama team notice her work and offer her an RJ position at Kerala’s first private FM station Radio Mango in 2007. She is so grateful for all the learning and out-of-the-box content development skills that she gained from trainers from BBC and so on.

Her journey in the Media industry began in Canada after she did her first emceeing assignment with TMS Onam which made her a popular Emcee with her natural and spontaneous style of presentation by maintaining her culture alive by wearing a saree in most of the emceeing assignments. 2023 marks ten years since she has been in the media and event industry in Canada. She hosted hundreds of community and corporate events and some of the major events being; the High Commission of India’s – Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav 75 yrs. She had received several compliments on her emceeing skills from dignitaries. When she was emceeing for the New High Commissioner reception party organized by Indo Canadian organizations coalition, HCI to Canada Honourable Sanjay Kumar Vermaji complimented that her way of speaking reminds him of the late Sushma Swaraj Ji.

Apart from all the above positions, she has been appointed as the Asianet News and OH healthcare awards cultural program coordinator.

-She is one of the Board of directors and core event management team members at The Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce.

-The Great India Festival – Director Cultural Heritage  and Festival Ambassador who also emcees the event,

-Mantrah -Ontario Regional Coordinator,

-KHNA Canada Convener,

-MASWO Volunteer

-ONTARIO HEROS – Ottawa Regional coordinator and volunteer in the Human Services field who also won Women of Impact award. 

-She also dedicates her time to certain groups in India such as  Digital News and Media Council Of India, Book of World Records – Global Anti-Drug Campaign – Canada in-charge,

– Social awareness projects with Kerala Govt Department of Social Justice, Maintenance Tribunal to eliminate abuse towards elderly people

– Zero tolerance campaign Mumbai, Food Safety Campaign by entertainment journalism group ‘Storkmagic.’

Many people also requested her to be a social media influencer, but she is apprehensive as she feels that the title “Influencer” suits just some of the personalities like the Late APJ Abdul Kalam Sir. She feels suffocated by the lack of privacy and fake name /fame game which impacts her mental health. She is a believer of making true connections and friendships in a traditional way.  She uses social media minimally and lives a minimalist life by following the middle path.

A beautiful path ahead

Kavitha feels grateful for all their life experiences and is on a path of learning and contributing a lot to society.  The future seems very exciting for her as she’s looking forward to her upcoming major projects, like a cover song, and she’s also planning to relocate to India as she has got some offers to act in movies.  Her parents are in their old age and that is another motivating factor to relocate for a few years.

Life, romance, and Friendship

She believes her best blessing in this life is her friends and collaboration with her friends in their projects gives her great joy. People often compliment Kavitha is a multi-faceted personality to some of her friends she is that kindergarten kid with high energy, to others she is that wise and intelligent advisor who gives solutions to all their problems,  to few others she is that homely, simple -Cancerian friend who listens like a grandma. She maintains friendships from all stages of her life and lives a truthful life with spiritual learning.  She defines herself as a crazy romantic person. She is super expressive in her thoughts and emotions.

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