Never give up! Failure and rejection are the only first step to succeed and it is the best opportunity to start again says RJ Jithu Joseph Thomas


London: There is a world-famous saying by Robert F. Kennedy about success. “Only those who have the courage to fail greatly achieve greatly.” No one who does not have the courage to lose has a history of success in life. How many of you have had the bizarre experience of a failure in life that enabled you to change your overall outlook on life and succeed? Jithu Joseph Thomas who hails from Nilambur has that unparalleled experience. A 15 year old Jithu was devastated by a defeat in a catechism class in 10th grade. Initially, he fell into the abyss of despair, but he did not give up. From there, Jithu Joseph Thomas emerged as a beacon of hope. Today, while shining in different roles such as counsellor of Youth Shelters in Toronto, radio jockey, co-founder of YUWAH (Youth United With Action & Humanity) and reporter of Manorama, Jithu says that defeat was the beginning of it all. That small defeat which changed Jithu’s vision about life’s success and taught him to look at the world from a new perspective.

Born as the son of TC Thomas, a farmer in Nilambur, and Chinnu Thomas, a housewife, Jithu was just an average student. An ordinary student who indulged in silly fantasies often and achieved only average scores in the exams. He literally was a youngster like a paper boat floating in the rainwater, free from the shackle. While in ninth class, Jithu became a star among his friends and classmates by winning gold at the district level in athletics and reaching the state level. All of a sudden, It happened at the end of his school days when he had no serious views on life….. ‘An unexpected defeat in catechism class. It was one of the most critical incidents that happened in Jithu’s life. Though he remained baffled and depressed for a long time, It was from right there that Jithu Joseph Thomas, the motivational speaker himself, was molded as a result of the encouragement of his parents and teachers. His subsequent transformation was inspired by the well-known American spiritual author Wayne Walter Dyer’s eminent quote “So many people are expecting a miracle instead of being a miracle.” By the time he became a plus one student at Palemadu SVHSS College, Jithu Joseph had become a motivational speaker with over 10,000 listeners.

Jithu started having a sense of direction about his career path when he took finance as an elective subject for graduation at Devagiri College, Kozhikode. Jithu has already volunteered to go anywhere and take on any role without any hesitation on the back of the immense confidence imparted by motivational speaking. That is how he became active in the NCC. He attended the NCC All India Camp in Kolkata and held key positions at the state level. Jithu also came forward to participate in blood donation camps and to take up the post of Kozhikode district-level coordinator. Jithu Joseph sought to draw lessons from the many life experiences he had heard and known from the many people he met while participating in each event. It was indeed a great practice of personality development. The decision to go to Canada and continue education was made out of that quest to know and learn more about the world. Jithu’s parents, who have always encouraged him, did not oppose the decision. That’s how Jithu Joseph Thomas came to Canada in 2018.

By the time Jithu completed his business analysis and operational management studies at Fanshawe College, Canada, he also had a social media presence with motivational speaking. A cyberspace, which was started for information sharing, is slowly being converted for motivational speaking. Jithu Joseph thinks that it is a great thing to be able to guide a lot of people through motivational stories and various types of presentations. In Jithu’s own words, motivational speaking is like a beacon that guides ships that go astray. It is a process of redefining one’s own sense of direction about his life. Participating in such an endeavor can be a daunting but enjoyable activity. Jithu’s rhetoric resonates throughout the radio across Canada. In the meantime, Jithu Joseph finds time to report for Manorama in the Nova Scotia region by doing special stories and reports. Those who lend their ears to Jithu Joseph’s optimistic words today include academicians, IT professionals and billionaire business magnates.

From the perspective of a motivational speaker, Jithu has a general picture of most of the people who come before him. Majority of them are the sea-travelers of time, who are unable to conquer the continents of desires since they hit the rocks of disappointments and damage their vessel of dreams. The mission to bring each of them back to life is only possible for someone who has gained a lot of insight into life. Therefore, the blessing experienced while continuing to be active in the field of motivational speaking is immeasurable. Jithu Joseph’s answer to those who ask him what his outlook on life is based on the knowledge he has acquired in the field of motivational speaking is the famous quote of American motivation guru Tony Robbins. “Live life fully while you’re here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird. Go out and screw up! You’re going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process.” May Jithu Joseph Thomas be able to inspire, guide and impart knowledge to many through his excellent work and motivational speaking.

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