Popular Certificate Courses to study in Canada for PR

Certificate courses in Canada
Certificate courses in Canada

Toronto: Do you want to study your way through and get permanent Residence in Canada? You should know that Canada is popularly known as the “Land of Immigrants”. The nation holds the world’s 8th largest immigration population. If you are planning to study in Canada, then no need to worry anymore. This article will not only guide you through the best courses in Canada, but will also tell you about the courses that will help you for PR.

With intentions to accept more than 400,000 immigrants in the years 2021–2022, Canada has an amazing immigration policy in place for the years 2021–2023. The Canadian government has shortened the processing time for Canada student visas issued under the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program from 90 days to 45 days in order to simplify the immigration procedure for international students. So this is a good piece of news for you.

However, regulations keep on changing, but it is your urge for higher education that should remain constant. To help you in your endeavor to get the proper degree, let us suggest you with some of the best courses in Canada.

But before we move to the course list, let us have a check through on the admission requirements in courses in Canada for PR.

Admission requirements for Courses in Canada for PR

Although the admission requirements for courses in Canada differ from province to province, there are some fundamental guidelines for international students that apply to all colleges. Following are the same:

Submission of Academic Transcripts

You must submit official academic transcripts from every year of your prior study. A bachelor’s degree in any subject of study is needed for applicants for postgraduate diploma programmes. Transcripts must be submitted in both the original language and the translated language. Some colleges in Canada also accept certified copies of the original transcripts.

Birth Certificate and Consent of Parents

A birth certificate must be submitted to vocational colleges. Additionally, you will need to acquire parental authorization if you are under 18 years old in order to pursue education in Canada.

Certification of Language Proficiency

International students must submit their IELTS exam results as proof of their English language competency.

Submission of Immigration Documents

Admission to many certificate and diploma programmes in Canada lasting longer than six months requires a study permit from Canada. A temporary Canadian student visa is also eligible for programmes lasting less than six months.

These were the documental requirements to enroll for a Course in Canada for PR. Now let us move to the types of courses you can take up to proceed in your career and settle in Canada.

Certificate Courses in Canada for PR

These are short term courses and aimed towards subjects of specialization. Certificate courses have short duration, career-oriented curriculum, competitive pricing, and flexible admission requirements. Owing to these reasons, these programmes in Canada are among the most well-liked possibilities for international students globally. Let us now check through some popular certificate courses in Canada.

Certificate in Business Foundations

You must acquire the essential business abilities of today before you can become the next great business leader of tomorrow. You will gain a basic understanding of marketing, finance, accounting, and operations as part of the Certificate in Business Foundations programme. You can utilize these abilities to change careers, launch or grow a small business, or enroll in business school to further your studies.

This course is ideal for the following types of students or learners:

  • Business students
  • Small business owners
  • Mid-level managers
  • Career changers

Certificate in Bookkeeping

The course focuses on managerial accounting and daily operational bookkeeping in a computerized business setting. You will identify with Canada’s largest and fastest-growing certifying organization for bookkeepers by enrolling in this programme. You will have the chance to expedite your path to earning the Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB) title, which is well respected in Canada.

Certificate in Office Administration

With a focus on computer applications, this programme offers knowledge and skill development pertaining to the corporate office setting. Projects that will help you gain first-hand experience with the challenges and rewards of working in an office setting supplement the instruction.

You will learn how to use industry-leading office software, including word processing, bookkeeping, and email. Through realistic office scenarios, you’ll obtain real-world experience. You will put into practise common office practices like managing office supplies, scheduling meetings, and managing telephone interactions.

Certificate in Pre-Business

You will learn the fundamentals of marketing, bookkeeping, and a strong foundation of business principles through this course. Your preparation for further study in fields including accounting, business, insurance, international business, and marketing will come from this curriculum.

Pre-business programmes offer upgrading in the subjects that make up the foundation of any business program’s curriculum, including arithmetic, accounting, marketing and communications, planning, operations management, and many other subjects. Each course will concentrate on the subject’s fundamentals, getting you ready to enroll in a business school.

Certificate in Commerce Industry Sales & Marketing

This curriculum gives you the knowledge and personal selling abilities you need to create and sustain long-term relationships and succeed in sales. The training supports strategic selling tactics and the needs-satisfaction selling philosophy. It focuses on how marketing’s selling function relates to a larger marketing strategy.

Through oral presentations, client role plays, and other application-based learning techniques, selling is a subject that lends itself well to learning. You will have numerous opportunities to practice your presentation and selling abilities throughout the programme, as well as to evaluate your performance. The many marketing functions will be studied. You will hone your interpersonal abilities and create the persuasive communication techniques required for sales success.

Certificate in Business Fundamentals

For students who are interested in business but aren’t quite sure what they want to study, this programme is perfect. With classes like computer applications and business communications, as well as basic courses in accounting, human resources, and marketing, you will have the chance to learn about all facets of business.

Your ability to acquire employment in a variety of entry-level positions, such as sales, general administration, and customer service, may be aided by completing the Business Fundamentals curriculum. It serves more as a stepping stone, though, to other educational choices, like two- and three-year business diploma programmes.

Certificate in Office Administration-General

You will receive from this programme the administrative support expertise you need to be successful in the workplace of today.

Along with developing a broad range of administrative talents, you’ll also hone your interpersonal and communication skills. You will be guided through the courses by knowledgeable lecturers, who will use practical application of subjects like:

  • Word processing
  • Document production
  • Office procedures
  • Computer applications
  • Keyboarding and Transcription
  • Communications
  • Cloud computing
  • Desktop technologies
  • Career planning and networking

Your job readiness for a range of administrative assistant positions will be assured by the resultant Office Administration – General programme credential.

Certificate of Customer Service Fundamentals-Insurance

With a focus on customer service and distribution systems, this curriculum is meant to provide you an understanding of business and insurance theory and practice.

You’ll be qualified to take the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) or OTL licensure tests once you’ve finished this course. Additionally, you’ll be qualified for a range of entry-level administrative and customer support jobs with insurance firms, insurance agency locations, brokerages, direct insurance writing businesses, and contact centers.

Certificate in Applied Accounting

Your ability to offer entry-level accounting support will be facilitated by the skills you gain from the Applied Accounting curriculum. The programme covers classes in general business practices in addition to establishing fundamental computer and accounting abilities.

While accounting-related topics are highlighted throughout the curriculum, attention will also be given to:

  • Mathematics
  • Business management
  • Communication
  • Records management
  • Business software

Certificate in Trades Foundations -Motive Power

You can acquire the fundamental know-how and abilities required for entry into a trade by enrolling in a foundation programme. It is often taught in a classroom context as well as a school shop environment. You can take part without an employer sponsor. In fact, completing a foundation programme will help you locate an employer who will support your apprenticeship by giving you some experience and familiarity with the field.

Entry Level Trades Training (ELTT) programmes were the prior name for foundation programmes. They cover information pertinent to one or more apprenticeship programmes and typically count toward finishing an apprenticeship.

Certificate in Business Foundations-Entrepreneurship

This specialized programme for entrepreneurs is created especially for first-time business owners and will equip students with the skills they need to plan, launch, and run their own small businesses. Additionally, this curriculum for budding entrepreneurs helps students build the abilities necessary for long-term business management.

To carry out a business dream requires bravery. A plan is also necessary. Students will have the exceptional chance to create a thorough business plan under the guidance of a faculty advisor in order to begin their own company after graduation. Both a strong company idea and a business plan are necessary for success when seeking financing from banks.

Veterinary Office Administration Certificate

With specialized veterinary office skills and a foundational understanding of animals, get ready to join the veterinary team as a vital member of the animal health care team. The practice, methods, and duties carried out in a veterinary office setting, such as client interactions, business communications, and a comprehension of animal health care, are especially addressed in the courses.

After completion of this course, you will have a broad range of knowledge and talents that will enable you to function well in an office setting at a veterinary practice, organization, or company.

Are You Ready to Pack Your Bags?

Now you are knowing about the process of taking up a course in Canada for your PR. You are also knowing about the popular courses that you can take up. Before your arrival to Canada, all you have to do is to check your eligibility and support the same with valid documents. After reaching Canada you can reach out to our community platform to get the basic support from our members. If you are from India, Swagatham Canada is there for you!

For more Immigration news, please visit our Immigration section.

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