Tech companies demand a new visa stream for tech workers from the Federal Government

new visa stream for tech workers
new visa stream for tech workers

Toronto: Nearly 150 renowned names in the Technology business, urge the Federal Government of Canada to issue a new visa type for tech workers that would allow them to enter Canada without a job offer.

The visa under this category is proposed for in-demand professionals who belong to software and data science. This visa is intended to permit these professionals to work, switch jobs, extend their stay for work and also enable them to obtain permanent residency.

There are 2 million positions vacant in Canada under tech category waiting to be filled. The visa is aimed at mitigating Canada’s shortage for skilled tech workers and also to facilitate start ups to compete against Silicon Valley giants and multinationals.

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The pandemic has paved the way for foreign employers to walk into other countries and make the workforce remotely work for them. This has surged the tech worker dearth in Canada enormously. The entire job market in Canada has also undergone major changes due to the outsourcing process.Early last week,  owner of on prominent social media platform Facebook handle quoted that they could hire 2500 Canadians to work for them remotely.

Other popular employers who’ve joined this open statement of Facebook include Microsoft, DoorDash, Amazon, Google, Wayfair, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Netflix. 
Another alarming crisis Canada faces for the resource drain is that their homegrown startups are unable to compete with these tech giants in the industry in terms of salary.

If you are a tech professional and already working in Canada for a project through companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and so on, they are ready to facilitate your visa and immigration at a speedy rate, said a recruitment manager from a reputed firm.

Most employers only hire essential resources who work from Canada as managing their immigration process, payroll, and tax policies are complicated. Thus, Khimani, a renowned recruiter, feels the country should enable an easier process of Permanent Residency for this segment of skilled workforce.

Khimani also enlists the most wanted jobs in Canada now which include Software Engineers, Developers, and and and and and jobs that deal with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Bergen the council President says that these amendments in Visa are essential because given that the technology innovations are ever-evolving and dynamic none can be competent with all products or tools, relative to the swiftness of change. 

Another immigration feature that can be treated is the digital nomad strategy that gives the workers clarity on paying taxes and working remotely for Canada,  not having to relocate to Canada for the entire year.

The council headed by Bergen also recommends worker retention and an extra 12 months of loan repayment time for students who have the skill and work for a Canadian firm. Give employers who contribute to student debts tax advantage.

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Lastly, the council demands results that will make talented workers hired as a priority. The council insisted the Federal government to find Canadian startups, develop up-skilling processes, retain programs and incentivise post-secondary institutions to offer more hands-on training and placements.

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