About Swagatham Canada

Swagatham Canada is one of the fastest-growing multicultural online networks. we understands the importance of information, especially about Canada. To fulfill this necessity, we put in all the efforts to deliver the latest Canadian news & updates to our audiences and subscribers.

Started in 2021, Swagatham Canada is treading the path to deliver unbiased information in terms of recent ongoings in the nation. The motive behind this is to help people to move to Canada with all relevant information they must have with them. 

We understand that as we are in Canada, we can share the perfect information with you. So, Swagatham Canada, apart from being a news and update platform, it is a support platform for immigrants in Canada. Now let us tell you some of the important news categories we are dealing with

Immigration news

Get to know about the best entry program that can suit your immigration requirements in Canada from our regular updates. We take all the care to research and deliver the best information story-telling for your understanding. 

Be it for your studies, job or business, immigrating to Canada needs to overcome too many regulatory obligations. It will be easy to overcome these hurdles if you have the right information.

Real Estate News

We take all the measures to support you with the regular updates in the Canadian real estate industry. It is because, after you settle in Canada, you will obviously seek to have property ownership.

To accomplish this purpose, you will need to know about crucial factors like region-wise property prices, reputation of realtors and value of your money in the purchase. Additionally, you must have information on property acquisition regulations. Swagatham Canada always serves in this purpose in an unbiased manner.

Community News

Our inception was aimed towards supporting the multicultural community in Canada with relevant news and updates. Gradually with the boost in recognition, we have now increased our area of coverage and consider providing support on a bigger level.

Event Updates in Canada

As we are into community support, events play a crucial role in this objective of ours. We take the honor to deliver updates on any and all events to our viewers that interest them. Along with that, we also support event hosts with safe and authentic event ticketing platforms.

Starting from the host to the audience, our effort aims to meet the information and connection requirements for all event participants in Canada. 

Networking in Canada

To make the community a well-knit network, we have WhatsApp Groups, and Telegram Channels for interaction of the community members. Overall, we take all the initiatives that will help you connect with the multicultural community in Canada.