Canada’s Youth Icon invites y’all to a mind-blowing event of fun, knowledge and networking!

Canada's Youth Icon BlueMoon
Canada's Youth_Icon_ BlueMoon

Toronto: Youth Icon is a prestigious event that felicitates successful entrepreneurs, who have come to Canada as a student and have established a successful business before the age of 30. The event is hosted by ‘Bluemoon‘, a well-known media production company which needs no introduction. Bluemoon has produced couple of successful short films, Ads and is also an household name among the Indian & Malayalee community in Canada.

Here’s your opportunity to be a part of this eventful evening and learn, interact and network with many ace professionals in different fields during the event. Already many sponsors have partnered for the event as the evening is said to unfold a series of fun activities, array of success stories, awards and spotlight followed by a sumptuous dinner.

The Youth Icon event is planned with an intent to motivate young students and professionals to become business leaders and entrepreneurs. It is also designed to kindle a wave of joy in the heart of these successful entrepreneurs’ parents, as the event will be covered by flowers USA and other online channels.
The event offers participants an introduction to boundless energy, and cultural programs followed by an Award Ceremony to honour the chosen Icons of the community. The takeaways for the participants will be a perspective-changing boost to their dreams.

The youth will have an idea and probably an answer to manage, moderate and monetize their ideas. This event will give every aspiring entrepreneur enough prudence and clarity to whom they should connect with and what they should choose to work on.

Leadership, Communication, Business Analytics, Social Media Optimization, Financial Modelling, and People and Career Management – All at one go, the youngsters will be able to get connected with all of them at the event.

Finally, the most awaited event is here! No time is better than Now! Do collect your invitation and event pass for a life-changing experience that strikes once in a blue moon.

The event will be held @ Anapilis Halls, Mississauga, for further info regarding the event, call: 705 821 2551 / 416 876 4938

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