Dancing Damsels- This multicultural organisation unites diverse art from the corners of the world together

Dancing Damsels
Dancing Damsels

Mississauga: Art is the most powerful tool of human expression. It amalgamates people from the ends of the earth under the banner of creativity. We may speak an array of tongues and hail from different cultural backgrounds but art in its dynamism can bind us together. Humans from ages known have always been artistically ignited and allured by the charm of art. Dancing Damsels is a non-profit organisation that leverages on the essence of art to unify people.

Canada is a country that embraces diversity as its strength. With a mass of expats landing into the country each year, the land is packed with its rich cultural diversity. People carry the nuances of their culture, their ethnic values and untainted hues of its positivity as they settle down in this Western land. This Canada based organisation, the Dancing Damsels works to showcase the rich cultural heritage of various nations to people in a single platform.

The form of art could be music, dance or poetry or any other kind of visual representation, Dancing Damsels appreciates its worth and presents it to the world. You may bring to the forefront a native art form the Moroccan shores or a mesmerizing combination of colonial era from Australia, Dancing Damsels will welcome you with open hands.

Year after year, Dancing Damsels celebrates the Toronto International Dance Festival. Best of talents across the globe are invited to the event. Toronto International Dance Festival indeed becomes a visual treat to every ardent art lover as the event showcases the perfect blend of cultural diversity and creative excellence sandwiched at a single platform. The event brings sheer delight to talented performers as it becomes a venue for them to get recognized and celebrated for their skill, innovation and above all their artform.

This notable event of Dancing Damsels draws eyeballs and harnesses exceptional talent from across the world. Ace artists, musicians, poets and dancers are brought together in October and made to exhibit their alluring performances at Toronto International Dance Festival. The event is designed to drown the spectators with ripples of pleasure and entertainment. It is packaged to keep the audience spellbound with innovative expressions of art to make them awestruck craving for more.

Every year, new entries and contestants flock to make Toronto International Dance Festival a bliss to be never missed. For Toronto International Dance Festival, Dancing Damsel welcomes entries of artists from diverse streams of profession across Canada to showcase their achievements. This event is felicitated every year and the contestants are acknowledged for their excellence, grace and poise.

To acknowledge women achievers who possess the exceptional skill in their filed, Dancing Damsels gives away Dancing Damsels Achievers Awards every year on International Women’s Day. The selection for the award through nomination for different categories. The Award is presented on the International Women’s Day at the City Hall of Toronto. Some of the notable awardees are Roberta Bondar, Dr. Asha Seth, Kathleen Wynn and so on. Dancing Damsels also gives away Life time achievement award , Rising star award to promote youngsters.

Apart from its core values of celebrating art, Dancing Damsels as an association stretches its wings to reach out to people in need. It works to support Seniors in the society who need aid for their daily chores. It also equips Seniors to get acquainted with the basics of technology with the help of the Govt of Canada. It also conducts New immigrants seminars, dance workshops, drama, music projects for women, seniors and so on. Monthly international music series, celebrations like mother’s day, father’s day etc are also few of the other initiative that Dancing Damsels engages in.

It also extends its helping hands through its volunteers to build anyone who is broken. Dancing Damsels also gives opportunities for students who want to volunteer and places them for summer jobs. You may be artistic craftsmen who need assistance to revive and resonate your art or a youngster with a dream who craves for mentoring, Dancing Damsels are at your disposal to groom your dreams into reality.

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