Royal Kerala Foods – A Grocery Treasure in Scarborough since 1996

Royal Kerala Foods Scarborough
Royal Kerala Foods

A Dream to Bring Keralam to Canada

In the heart of Scarborough, a vibrant grocery store has been bringing the taste of Keralam to the people of Toronto for over two decades. Royal Kerala Foods, a one-stop destination for authentic Kerala ingredients and delicacies, has emerged as a home away from home for the Malayali community in the area. Established by Saji Mangalathu in 1996, the store has continued to flourish, providing a taste of Kerala’s rich culinary heritage to all those who enter its doors. With an unwavering commitment to quality and tradition, Royal Kerala Foods stands as a testament to the resilience, passion, and love that has fueled its journey.

The Journey of a Nutritionist

Saji Mangalathu, a nutritionist by profession, had journeyed to Canada with a dream. While he embraced the new culture and immersed himself in Canadian life, he realized that something was missing. Saji found solace and support in the growing Malayali community, and together, they formed a tight-knit bond. Yet, he knew that their home away from home would only be complete with a touch of Keralam.

A Visionary’s Endeavor

With a newfound goal of bringing Keralam to Canada, Saji ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. In 1996, Royal Kerala Foods opened its doors for the first time, offering the finest spices and pickles, the freshest vegetables and tropical fruits, the highest quality Kerala snacks, ready-to-eat frozen traditional Kerala items, and frozen fish. As the first Malayali shop in Scarborough, and perhaps even in Canada, Royal Kerala Foods soon became a landmark for the community.

Hand-picked Delights

Over the years, Saji has made it his mission to visit Kerala regularly, hand-picking specialized goods to import to Canada. As he proudly says, “These are items you won’t find anywhere else.” Today, Royal Kerala Foods supplies authentic Kerala food to the entire country, bringing joy and a taste of home to countless Malayalis across Canada.

A Connection to Home

As customers stroll through the aisles of Royal Kerala Foods, they are transported back to the lush, green landscapes of Kerala, where the air is fragrant with the scent of spices and the melodies of traditional songs echo through the streets. The store serves as a bridge, connecting the hearts of the Malayali community in Scarborough with the vibrant culture and flavors of their homeland.

A Legacy of Love and Dedication

Over two decades have passed since Royal Kerala Foods first opened its doors, and its legacy continues to thrive under the passionate leadership of Saji Mangalathu. As the store brings Keralam to Canada, it stands as a symbol of love, dedication, and the unwavering determination to keep the spirit of home alive, no matter how far away it may be.

A Timeless Grocery Bridge

Royal Kerala Foods has created a timeless connection between the hearts of the Malayali community in Scarborough and the vibrant culture and flavors of their homeland. Through the years, the store has evolved into more than just a grocery store; it is a bridge that unites a community and celebrates the rich heritage of Keralam. As Saji Mangalathu and his team continue their mission, Royal Kerala Foods will forever remain a symbol of perseverance, love, and the power of dreams.

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