A doctor with a Midas touch: Dr. Sajeev Madhavan’s clinic Chaitanya Health Care Services becomes a relief center for many

Dr. Sajeev Madhavan’s Clinic Chaitanya Health Care Inc
Dr. Sajeev Madhavan’s Clinic Chaitanya Health Care Inc

Mississauga: Ayurveda is one of the most renowned traditional systems of medicine that has survived and flourished for ages to date. It aims to guide food and lifestyle so that people can stay healthy and folks with health challenges can improve their health. Chaitanya Health Care Inc was established in the year 2005 by Dr. Sajeev Madhavan, with a mission to meet the health care needs of suffering people through the principles of Ayurveda. Chaitanya Health Care Inc has been instrumental in bringing back Ayurveda, the ancient art of healing. Chaitanya has been keen on bringing back all the effective Ayurveda treatments and integrated proven therapeutic methods back into operation from all alternative methods of treatment which are universally known to bring the body back to its natural equilibrium. Dr. Sajeev Madhavan, who runs Chaitanya Health Care Inc in Mississauga, says he is drawn to working in Natural Medicine because of the traditional greatness of Indian Medicine. There is an interesting tale behind Dr. Sajeev Madhavan’s transformation into a Natural Therapy Practitioner, who helps many patients to get rid of physical pain through various Ayurvedic treatments and techniques.

Dr. Sajeev Madhavan was born in Thalassery, Kannur, Kerala. He is a descendant of the great Kadhirur Gurukkal, a famous martial artist of medieval India, which left a lasting influence on his approach to patients. During his childhood, Dr. Sajeev Madhavan was profoundly interested in practicing Kalari, an Indian martial art, originated in Kerala. It is from his extensive training in Kalari he got the opportunity to learn Marmasasthram, which stresses the knowledge of marma and is also used for marma treatment (Marmachikitsa). This system of Marma treatment is originated from Ayurveda as well as Sidha Medicine.

Dr. Sajeev Madhavan’s parents were focusing on his education and wanted him to make a career in Engineering. At the urging of his parents, Dr. Sajeev graduated with a degree in tool and die engineering and then worked in the same field for four years in Pune and then three and a half years in Singapore. But even then, he did not give up his interest in traditional therapies. He healed his friends and acquaintances who approached him with physical pains through traditional treatments and medicines. His immense knowledge and expertise in Kalari and Marmasasthram helped him to do so.

While pursuing a career in the tool and die sector in Singapore, Dr. Sajeev Madhavan immigrated to Canada in 1994. Arriving in Canada, he first landed a job as a tool and die, engineer. But he desperately wanted to learn more about traditional therapies and natural medicine. That is how he got his doctorate in Natural Medicine. By 2011, he had completely moved from the tool and die sector to the medical field. In the meantime, he was accredited as a practitioner of the World Board of Natural Medicine. Initially, there were a few patients who arrived per day. Mostly his friends and acquaintances came to him for treatment. Dr. Sajeev Madhavan says that, in addition to his doctorate in natural medicine, he was helped a lot by the training he got in Kalari and Marmasasthra. Gradually, Dr. Sajeev’s Midas touch in Natural Medicine became popular as some of his friends who came in with severe physical pain recovered as a result of the treatment. Many who heard about it also started coming to Dr. Sajeev for treatment.

Dr. Sajeev still remembers a patient who had approached him at that time with chronic back pain following a car accident. When he showed up the first time for the treatment, he said he was planning to take voluntary retirement from his career, end his life in Canada and go home because he was in so much pain that he could not sit in the office and work. But with the start of effective treatment, his decision changed and so did his physical difficulties. Six months later when his treatment was over, he left the clinic with tears in his eyes. The tearful expression of gratitude for the fact that his back pain, which he thought would never change, got cured due to Dr. Sajeev’s treatment. Dr. Sajeev Madhavan still remembers many such instances. A middle-aged woman once came to Sajeev for treatment with knee pain, told him after successful recovery that she saw God in the doctor. Dr. Sajeev Madhavan says that he values ​​such words more than any reward and as a doctor, he could not get any greater recognition.

Currently, Chaitanya Health Care Inc is a very busy institution in Canada, providing traditional Ayurvedic treatments for people who are suffering from medical conditions such as Chronic pain (joint, bone and muscular pain, back, neck), Stroke, Arthritis, Migraine etc. There are several traditional therapies such as Nasya, Shirodhara, Abhyanga and Kizhi are performed with Natural Medicines by Dr. Sajeev Madhavan for treatment.

Without any significant publicity, forty or fifty patients come daily by hearing the testimonies of patients who got cured due to the treatment of Dr. Sajeev. Dr. Sajeev Madhavan’s wife Deepa Sajeev, who was working as a chemical engineer earlier, left her job and now helps Sajeev as a manager at Chaitanya Health Services Inc. Their daughter Aishwarya is a respiratory therapist at Brampton Civic hospital and their son Alok is in the IT sector. 

” The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” Dr. Sajeev Madhavan says that he is greatly influenced by the words of the French philosopher Voltaire. Dr. Sajeev Madhavan says that over time, as lifestyles change, traditional therapies and natural medicines will continue to gain more importance. The growing number of patients seeking treatment at Chaitanya Health Care Inc underscore doctor’s words.

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