Everyone dreams but only a few achieve – Get to know Pratheepan Thambirajah, the owner of an exquisite textile & jewelry shop at Scarborough

Pratheepan and wife Karthiyani
Pratheepan and wife Karthiyani

Toronto: Today, Pratheepan Thambirajah is a proud owner of an exquisite Textile & Jewelry shop at Scarborough. What makes this retailer stand apart is his dedication to his customers and his relentless efforts to scale up his business to new heights.

Early years for this small business owner

This go-getter perched his foot into the multicultural country of Canada in the year 1984. Pratheepan Thambirajah was a Srilankan by birth, right from his early years, he was a boy of big dreams. He always wanted to settle down doing something he loved and cherished. Like Confucius aptly said, “If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Right from his teens, Pratheepan has always been a loyal and hard-working personality who had great faith in the Almighty. Can we say that these are the secret behind his achievements?

Birth of Thambirajah’s dream venture

In 2000, this entrepreneur established SKT Jewelry & Textile shop at Scarborough. The shop specialized in hand-crafted 22-carat Gold Jewelry. It also showcased a rich variety of apparels for women, men and kids. This clothing shop’s merchandise are hand-picked to appeal to the audience, it includes a wide-range of ethnic and western wear to appeal to the passer’s by.

Pillars of his dream

Pratheepan’s wife Karthiyani, his enterprising team of staff, supportive friends, valuable customers and relatives have been his pillars all through his journey. Though SKT is Pratheepan’s brainchild, his wife happens to be a strong value driver for his success. She has personally taken pains to manage the merchandise, hand-pick collection of apparels and accessories, regulate the fashion and run the business in his absence. He has two lovely kids who have also been his strength in all his missions. His daughter Anjana is currently doing her degree in Health Sciences at Waterloo University and his son Arjanyan is at the Western University pursuing his higher education. 

What makes SKT outstanding

SKT Jewelers & Textiles has two stand alone arrays of product range, as the name indicates one being the fashion boutique for Jewelry collections and the other being the clothing range. The Jewelry shop offers the customers a wide-variety of precious metals and skillful works of art to pick from. The shop also brings to the table an exclusive collection of diamond jewelry which will suffice all of customers’ cravings.

The customers who shop here can be confident of the quality of the jewelry and be sure of its value. The shop has a rich inventory of jewelry collections, painstakingly crafted by master craftsmen and artists. Beautiful styles of traditional and antique jewelry, graceful plain gold jewelry, charming bridal collection and impressive Indian and ethnic jewelry that sparkle with luster are shelved. For weddings, engagements and auspicious occasions SKT becomes a must visit.

The textile wing of SKT offers the walk-ins and the visitors of their website with a plethora of options with women’s clothing, men’s range of wear and lovely collection of kids wear. Be it birthdays or any other special day in the family the clothing shop is to embellish you with the best of wear. The shop caters the best of fashion apparel for the entire family all under its roof.

Even after the shop has brought him great success and has granted him a vast mass of loyal customers and footfalls, Pratheepan never fails to toil to make it all the more better. He works endlessly to create an experience for his customers and to put a smile on their faces every time they visit his shop.

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