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Brampton Boat Race
Brampton Boat Race

Toronto: The Brampton Boat Race also Known as Canadian Nehru Trophy Boat Race hosted by the Brampton Malayalee Samajam brings alive the team spirit, integration and brotherhood amidst all, year after year. This boat race is the only event that exhibits the authentic tradition of Vallamkali in the whole of North America. The event’s glory and solidarity to build comradeship and morale takes its origin from God’s own country – Kerala. It fills every member of the boat racing team with a sense of belonging. Earlier, the contestants hailed from the community of Brampton, but now the boat race reaches out to contestants from across the globe.

Brampton Malayalee Samajam in Canada became the first non-profit organisation that ventured into organising this real Vallamkali – Brampton Boat Race in August 2009. The boat race held in 2009 received an overwhelming success. Masses of Canadians gathered at the venue with excitement to watch the race. The event’s magnificence and adrenalin gush electrified the tranquil backwaters of Heart Lake and Professor’s Lake. The event thoroughly fascinated the crowd & the boat race took place every year with the acceptance of all.

Such boat races still happen in Punnamada Lake in Alappuzha – Kerala, India. The teams contest for a rolling Nehru Boat Racing trophy every year. The winner of the snake boat race team gets the award of honour. These long snake boats are popularly known as the Chundan. The Brampton Malayalee Samajam works with the principal objective to promote, preserve and maintain the culture, tradition and heritage of Kerala toils every year to take this event to new heights.

The Chairman and Trustees of Brampton Malayalee Samajam – Brahmashri Kariyoor Divakaran Namboothiri, Sajeeb Koya, Manoj Karatha, Dr P K Kutty maintain the structure of the organisation, conduct elections, select the right leaders every year and refresh the committee to align it with the needs of the members. Several politicians, bureaucrats, ministers, members of the Federal Government patronise the Brampton Boat Race. They consider the boat race as a massive community festival. Canadians actively participate in the event along with their families.

The President of the Brampton Malayalee Samajam and the Chief Organizer of the Boat Race – Kurian Prakkanam and the Boat Advisory Committee, invest their time and energy to make this event a roaring success every year. The event is not just a treat to the Malayalees in Canada but to any sports lover who cherishes teamwork, incredible skill and competitiveness. Kurian Prakkanam is known for his dedication and hard work and is undisputedly and unanimously elected as the President of the Brampton Malayalee Samajam for 14 years in a row. His meticulous planning and commendable leadership have made this event a stunning success all over North America.

This year, the Brampton Malayalee Samajam and its President Kurian Prakannam are working hand-in-hand to make Brampton Boat Race a massive global event, viewed, telecasted, competed and cherished by talents, families and the public across the globe. This global Boat Race is expected to welcome stalwarts and tycoons from the business and political world like legendary entrepreneur Padmashri Yusuf Ali – Lulu Group, Dubai, Hon’ble Prime Minister of Canada – Justin Trudeau and many other notable ministers and celebrities. The boat race is expected to be a star- studded event this year and an absolute treat to the audience. We wish them all the success in their endeavours.

To check out the excitement of the celebrities, politicians, bureaucrats, students, families and the Canadian Malayalees towards the forthcoming Brampton Boat Race, Swagatham Canada is planning on an online chat show with the guests shortly. For more hot updates on Brampton Boat Race ( Canadian Nehru Trophy Boat Race ), log on to Swagatham Canada – The fastest-growing multicultural platform.

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