A remarkable announcement!! Heroes Fest 2022 to felicitate national volunteers

Heroes Fest 2022 to felicitate national volunteers
Heroes Fest 2022 to felicitate national volunteers

Toronto: If someone asks me what the synonym of the world is? I comfortably say ‘society’. A society where people do hard work for the well-being of others, a society where kindness matters more than credit, a society that aims for cultural diversity, a society where some people come forward to create peace and harmony and develop relations. These people are no one but volunteers ‘ the underrated heroes’.

Yes, we are talking about Ontario Heroes & Social Services (OHSS). It is a non-profitable organization founded in the year 2020. This organization is working with the help of volunteer powers. However, they are bounded by Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) 2004. The idea behind the foundation is to make sure that ‘we don’t giving up on you easily’.

Heroes Fest 2022

Their one and only objective is to spread happiness in every way possible. Sometimes one who makes others happy needs some sort of support and motivation to keep up the good work. Keeping this in mind, this year OHSS is pleased to announce Heroes Fest 2022 for their volunteers who have managed to create a society that most of the people think of. The event will be scheduled on August 06, 2022 at 1 PM.

At the John Paul II, Polish Cultural Centre, located at 4300 Cawthra Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1V8, the event will begin at 1 p.m. with a community fair and professional networking, and then there will be exciting activities for children to participate in until 4:30 p.m. From 4.30 PM to 11 PM, cultural programmes and refreshments will be held.

Let’s synchronize ourselves with the activities that will be going to take place in Heroes Fest 2022. The first one is Awards to the deserving i.e.

  • Volunteers award ceremony
  • Celebration of culture and diversity
  • Ontario heroes app launch

The objective of this award ceremony is to make society culturally component. As people come from various religious and cultural backgrounds, some differences come along but these volunteers work as abridging between them and the government.

Ontario Heroes Internal National Volunteer Awards 2022

Ontario Heroes internal Volunteer awards 2022 have been provided in many categories click here for more details.

Ontario Heroes volunteers who have dedicated time and effort to help the community through various Educational Programs, Webinars, Professional Consultations, Mentorship, Student field placements, Summer Camp, Covid-19 Support services, Blood and Plasma donation Campaigns, Food drive, Equipment mobilization, supporting many individuals, families, seniors, international students, new immigrants, refugees, saving lives, coordinating with many agencies, housing connections, job linkages, mentorship and career counseling at a time when the world most needed it.

National Volunteer Awards 2022

This year national volunteer awards 2022 have been provided in 7 categories viz.

  • National Hero Award
  • Volunteer Excellence Award
  • Diversity Excellence Hero
  • Youth Impact Award
  • Women Impact Award
  • Business Excellence Award
  • Student Volunteer Award

The award recipients will be recognized at an award ceremony, where they will receive a memento and a certificate signed by the President and CEO of Ontario Heroes Health and Social Services. 

National Volunteer Awards 2022 registration is still open. Hurry up! check if you are eligible for this.

This Heroes Fest would be their first ever event, hopefully there are many more aligned. They have come up with a volunteer army whom they called Ontario’s heroes.

This is so wonderful knowing that people from various professions irrespective of age groups come together to help the needy and contribute to making their life easy.

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