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New Brunswick

About New Brunswick: New Brunswick is one of Canada’s most prominent northeastern maritime provinces. Not only this, but New Brunswick is also the fiesta and only official bilingual province of Canada, where about 30% of the population uses French as their first and preferred language.

Compared to other of Canada’s larger provinces, New Brunswick offers excellent career prospects and a reasonable cost of living. Newcomers to New Brunswick can settle in rural areas or major cities like Fredericton, Saint John, or Moncton. The province is renowned for its numerous outdoor recreation areas and stunning rivers and lakes.

The Canadian Government has developed the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP), through which they will provide a New Brunswick provincial nomination certificate to the immigrants with the required skills and experience targeted by the province.

Under this nomination, Canadian immigrants and citizens from around the world, i.e. foreign nationals, can also apply for Canadian permanent residence.  

However, this opening comes with eligibility criteria for immigrants. The authority of NBPNP has circulated the categories of immigrants. Immigrants who fall under this category can only apply for Canadian permanent residence. These categories are as follows:

● Express Entry Stream

To meet the unique demographic and labour market needs of New Brunswick, the NBPNP is now able to use the federal Express Entry immigration selection stream. An “Expression of Interest” paradigm governs how this stream functions.

Minimum Requirments

● Must be currently living in New Brunswick;

● Must have an active Express Entry profile;

● Must have valid language test scores. It can be in either English or French and must be equal to Canadian Language Benchmark Level 7 (CLB 7);

● Must have a Job Seeker Validation Code or proof of enrolment in a PGWP-eligible program at a federally-designated post-secondary institution.

● Skilled Workers Stream

Only those individuals who either have a full-time job or an offer letter for full-time and permanent jobs are provided by New Brunswick employers.

Minimum Requirments

● Must have a letter of support from the employer and a full-time permanent work offer from an approved New Brunswick business;

● Must prove their right motive behind deciding to live in New Brunswick;

● Must fall between the ages group of 19 and 55;

● Must possess a secondary (high school) diploma from Canada or a foreign diploma that is equivalent to a Canadian certification;

● Must have valid language test results in either English or French equal to Canadian Language Benchmark Level 4. (CLB 4).

● Business Immigration Stream

Under this stream, New Brunswick accepts applications from those individuals who either have a future full-proof plan for the business or already manage a business of their own in New Brunswick. But, if not their own business, the applicant must invest some of their money in proportion to the capital of the business established in New Brunswick.

Minimum Requirement 

● Must be between the ages of 22 and 55;

● Must have a qualifying connection to New Brunswick to submit an expression of interest;

● Must have earned a diploma in a particular trade that took at least two years of full-time study or a college or university academic degree that needed at least three years of full-time study;

● Must prove a minimum personal net worth of CAD 600,000. Of the net worth, at least CAD 300,000 must be immediately accessible and unencumbered;

● Must have valid language test results in either French or English equal to Canadian Language Benchmark Level 5. (CLB 5).

● Strategic Initiative Stream

This stream is specifically designed for Francophone workers with the right skills, education, and work experience that can concretize the province’s economy. Thus, the person willing should have a long-term plan to live and work in the province.

Minimum Requirement

● Must fall within the age range of 19 and 55;

● Must be planning to live in New Brunswick;

● Must be eligible and connected to New Brunswick;

● Must have a foreign high school diploma that is equivalent to a Canadian diploma or a minimum secondary (high school) diploma from Canada;

● Must requisite sum of settlement monies must be present;

● Must have passed the Niveaux de compétence Linguistique canadiens (NCLC) 5 in either French or English or a valid language test score in those languages.

Critical Worker Pilot

Added as a new category in November 2022, the critical worker pilot is one extraordinary program that enables only the designated employers of New Brunswick to recruit foreign skilful and talented workers in their firm to meet their requirements of work.

How to Apply for the New Brunswick PNP program

If you all under any of the above categories, you can apply for the New Brunswick Immigrant Nominee Program in the following way:

  1.  Verify your eligibility.
  2.  Register for Express Entry.
  3.  Submit the required paperwork.
  4.    Your application then enters the Express Entry pool.
  5.     At this point, New Brunswick examines the candidate profiles.
  6.   You may obtain the NOI (Notification of Interest) in New Brunswick.
  7.     You must submit a complete application within a certain time after receiving the NOI.
  8.     You will receive a notification using the Express Entry website.
  9.  Following that, you must approve the provincial nomination.
  10.  Your CRS score will increase by 600 points after you accept it.
  11.   The candidate must now submit the EOI (Expression of Interest)
  12.   Express Entry draw candidates are chosen.
  13.  The ITA (Invitation to Apply) is then issued to you. Therefore, you can easily apply for New Brunswick citizenship.


Canada is a place where everyone aspires to go and work. To facilitate such aspirations of the people who are going to add value to the economy of Canada with their skills and work, Canada started the New Brunswick PNP Program. Through New Brunswick’s immigration provincial program, it is easy to get PR in Canada.

We have mentioned all you need to know about this program. So, if you fall under such a category, enrol and get a chance to reside and work in the beautiful lake-side province of Canada, New Brunswick.

For more PNP-related articles, please visit Swagatham Canada’s provincial nominee’s section

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