Ontario PNP program- A Complete Guide!

Ontario PNP

When people want to move to Canada, Ontario is the most popular place. People move to Ontario because of its high income, large and diverse population, and many job opportunities. Ontario’s PNP is famous as the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

You can use the Ontario immigration provincial program if you want to move to Ontario for economic reasons. It works with the government of Canada with the help of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Thus, foreign employees, international students, and people with the right skills, experience, and education can send nomination requests to OINP.

Thus, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) looks for people with the skills and experience needed to help the Ontario economy grow and recommends them for permanent residence. But in the end, the Canadian government decides whether or not to give a person permanent residence.

What Is Ontario PNP Program?

The PR for Ontario, Canada, started in 2007. It is known as Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program or OINP for short.

The main goals of the OINP are to fill skill gaps in certain industries, encourage investment in Ontario, and help newcomers to the province settle in easily.

When it started, the Ontario immigration provincial program could only nominate up to 1,000 foreigners. Ontario chooses over 8,000 new Canadians every year.

There are both standard and fast ways to move to Ontario.

To clarify, “enhanced streams” work with “Express Entry.” This federal immigration system is used by the three main economic class immigration programs in Canada to process requests for permanent residency.

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) determines each candidate’s score in this system. So, Invitations to apply for permanent residency are only given to the best applicants.

Those nominated through an upgraded provincial program will get an extra 600 points. So, it will make it more likely that they will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. In the same way, they are nominated through their Express Entry profile.

“Base” streams do not follow a set pattern, unlike “Express Entry-aligned” streams. People who get a provincial nomination must send an application to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

What Streams Are Covered In Ontario PNP Program?

Human Capital Category:

The Human Capital Category includes skilled workers, professionals, and tradespeople who speak French. 


  • Must be able to sustain your family and yourself financially.
  • Must possess a current license or certificate (if applicable)
  • Must have an active Express Entry profile.
  • Must have a minimum of one year of paid, full-time job experience.
  • Must hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree.
  • Minimum CLB level for language is 7. (English or French)

Masters or Ph.D. Category:

Foreigners who got their Master’s or Ph.D. from an Ontario university in Canada are also eligible for this PNP program. Thus, the applicant doesn’t need a job offer to apply under this heading.


Must have a master’s degree from an Ontario institution that is recognized.

Required language level: CLB 7 or above (English or French)

Must have spent at least one year of the previous two legitimately residing in Ontario.

Employer Job Offer Category:

The Employer Job Offer Category is for people who have been offered a job in Ontario by a business willing to nominate them.


  • Must have a full-time, long-term work offer in Ontario in a profession that qualifies;
  • Must possess the necessary work experience, licenses, or other authorizations to carry out the job;
  • Must be planning to settle in Ontario;

How to apply for the Ontario PNP program?

Follow the steps if you want to know how to apply for Ontario PNP program:

  1. Begin filling out an online provincial nomination form application.
  2. Provide the information required and attach the necessary documents. The documents include language test results and education proofs along with an ECA for candidates having education outside Canada.
  3. Apply to an immigration office.
  4. Get into an Express Entry pool.
  5. Get a nomination for Ontario PR, depending on your profile.


The goal of the Ontario immigration process is simple: to make it easier for eligible non-Canadian citizens to move to Ontario with their spouses or common-law partners and their children. Hence, people accepted into the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) are guaranteed a provincial nomination position in the Express Entry pool of people who want to move to Canada.

The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (ONPNP) and similar programs in other parts of Canada help to bring in qualified immigrants. Even though 55 and 60% of Ontario’s total immigrant population got there without this program, it ensures that skilled immigrants who are desperately needed in certain industries and job sectors get cleared quickly.

For more PNP related articles, please visit Swagatham Canada’s provincial nominee’s section.

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