All you need to know about Canada Visit Visa 2022!

Canada Visit Visa
Canada Visit Visa

Planning on a visit to Canada? Many foreigners desire to visit Canada, but Corona travel restrictions have put a stop to their plans for over a year and a half. The information you need to arrange your visit is included below.

Is a visitor’s visa open in Canada now?

Canada is back and running, visitor visa is available to all fully vaccinated travelers.

All candidates for a visiting visa, on the other hand, must fulfil all of the relevant conditions, such as possessing documentation of having completed both immunizations.

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How to apply for a Canadian visit visa?

Check if you are eligible to travel

Gather all the supporting documents

Apply online by clicking this link

What makes you eligible to travel on a visitor visa to Canada?

  • You should own a passport
  • Be in good health
  • Have no criminal immigration related convictions
  • Be able to convince an immigration officer that you have commitments and assets to take you back home.
  • Have enough money for your stay

What documents are needed for Canada’s visitor visa?

If one wishes to apply for a visitor’s visa, one must submit their original birth certificate. 

Proof of your relationship with your Canadian host if the individual is a blood relative (for example, your host’s original birth certificate, family booklet, etc.)

Submit the original bank statements of your personal account for last 6 months

And the last 6 months of pay slips. 

How many years of visa does Canada give for visitors?

A multiple entry visa will allow you to stay in Canada for approximately six months at a time and visit the country any number of times as the applicant desires. It will be valid for up to about 10 years. However, you must arrive in Canada before the expiry date of your visa. 

Is it possible for me to remain in Canada after my visiting visa expires?

If your visitor visa has already met its expiry date, you may be able continue your status if you meet all the necessary requirements. 

Will Canada allow me to stay here, while I wait for a visitor visa extension?

In case your current visitor visa is about to expire while your application for the extension is under process, you can stay in Canada borders till a proper decision is made. In this particular case, the conditions of your visitor visa are extended beyond the expiry date and you will be allowed to continue your stay in Canada as a visitor. 

How to extend my visitor’s visa in Canada?

To extend your stay in Canada as a visitor, apply for a visitor record. It is a document that gives you a status as a visitor in Canada and allows you to stay for a long time but comes with a new expiry date.

How much is the Canadian visit visa fee?

The visit visa fee for per person is about CAD$100 and if done online the approximate processing time is 138 days.

Can you change your visitor visa into a Permanent Resident visa?

Suppose you are in Canada on a visitor visa it is very difficult to turn that visa into permanent residency. In almost all cases, you would not be able to meet the requirements for this criterion while you are in Canada on a visitor’s visa. If, in case you are successful in turning your visitor’s visa into permanent residency then it could be a cause of making allowances for certain cases such as qualifying for being a refugee status or having a relationship with a partner who already is a Canadian citizen.

Before you get your permanent resident visa, you can enter Canada. However, it is strongly advised against making any definite arrangements for you to continue your stay in Canada until you become a permanent resident. 

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Hope, we have resolved all your doubts about the Canadian visitor’s visa. Why wait, if you are planning on a trip to Canada, apply for a visit visa and back your bags for the visit.

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