KANAL- An acoustic band rose from the east, making marks in the west

KANAL- Malayalam music brand in Canada
KANAL- Malayalam music brand in Canada

Toronto: They say music connects the world. There is no lie in this saying because music has its magic. When music is involved, there is no need to understand the language to feel the charm of music.

Kanal is one music band bridging the cultural and linguistic gap between India and Canada with their music. The people living out there in a whole new environment and culture in Canada must crave their motherland’s culture, tradition, taste, and music. Kanal- an acoustic folk bank, serves this community with its brilliant work.

Newly arrived from the south of India, the land of rich culture and tradition, Kanal is making its prints in the country called Canada. Though this group is new in the field, their work shows that the people involved have the experience of all time. Let’s learn more about these rising stars, their band, their work, and the story behind how this band formed.

Not long ago, people around the world were facing the darkest time of many decades, the pandemic. Relatively good was the condition of the people living with their family in their community in their country; the situation was not that idle for people living away from family in their mother country.

The story behind the making of the band

The time of pandemic made people realize the importance of their people, their culture, their food, and their music. In general words, people realize the love and sentiments attached to their roots.

At that time, to fulfil the craving for tradition and music of the Indian people making a life in Canada, a small group of people took themselves with a part of the culture from India to Canada.

In 2021, a very well-known Malayali singer Jithu Damodar dreamed of collecting a group of talented singers and musicians and making a band representing the rich music of South India.

Jithu Damodhar is a melodious singer who has sung a good range of Malayalam folk songs since the beginning of his career.

The Band

Jithu got the nerves of the need of people yearning for the taste of their authentic music sitting on that side of the sea. Especially for Malayalees living there in Canada, there was no authentic Malayalam folk music band. He decided to fulfil this need of his people living in Canada.

With this dream in his eyes, Jithu contacted his friends. He picked out the four other team members: Digiesh Kanioor, Raheesh Muhamad, Nipun Vijaykumar and Saju Evans-manager. He, though the founder of the band, is a member of the band.

Work and achievement

As we have told you, Kanal is the first Malayalam music band to function in Canada, with apex success and appreciation. This itself is the biggest milestone to achieve and the strongest move to be made by the band. But not only is this the only achievement they have bagged.

In a very short period of one year, the band has sung for over two dozen music events. They have collectively accomplished the successful compilation of around 25 musical projects. Their work and their audience responses speak for their success.


Not only Kanal but many of the talented singers and bands from south India is acing their work in Canada. Not just in Canada, but they are making their marks in all parts of the globe. They represent the rich and buoyant culture. Kanal is also contributing to promoting this link. They have collaborated with the Kerala state folklore academy.

About Kerala Folklore Academy

On June 28, 1995, the Kerala government founded the Kerala Folklore Academy as a stand-alone institute for cultural matters. The Academy’s primary goals are to protect and promote Kerala’s indigenous art forms. The Folklore Academy is situated near Chirakkal, in the Kerala district of Kannur. The Kerala government established the institution and reports to the department in charge of cultural affairs. Academy is located on the edge of a chiral (pond), Asia’s second-largest artificial pond.

Kanal band sings almost all the songs prominent in the Malayalam industry. But they are most inclined toward the songs of Kalabhavan Mani; an Indian singer and Actor, and Nedumudi Venu, an Indian actor and screenwriter.

Kanal, a newcomer in the business of music and band, has been enacting a unique graph of their work. They are the first-ever Malayalam band performing and entertaining the people of India living in Canada, setting a good example for the coming generation. They are paving the way for the younger generation to cherish and celebrate their culture and music worldwide.


Q1. Who is the founder of the Kanal band? 

The founder is Jithu Damodhar, a prominent Malayalam singer and performer.

Q2. Why is the Kanal band so popular? 

Because it is the first-ever Malayalam folk band functioning in Canada.

Q3. Does Kanal brand perform in any other country? 

Though the band started functioning from last year only, i.e. 2021, it now functions in Canada. But the popularity is rising so high that they will be seen performing for their audiences living in various corners of the world very soon.

Q4. What type of song does Kanal perform? 

Their specialty is Malayalam folk songs.

Q5. Why did the band Kanal start? 

To connect the people living abroad, away from home, with their roots, culture and music.

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