Will mortgage rates in Canada go up in 2024 ?

Will mortgage rates go up in 2024 Canada?

The Bank of Canada‘s (BoC) benchmark policy rate is currently at an unprecedented 5.00%, marking a historical high not witnessed in over two decades. As this rate significantly impacts investors and borrowers alike, understanding the influencing factors and predicting its trajectory is crucial.

Factors Influencing Canadian Interest Rates

Canada’s inflationary pressures primarily stem from consumer spending, the housing and labor markets, and immigration. In an effort to reach the 2% inflation target, the BoC continually adjusts the policy interest rate to control inflation. As inflation persists above the target, the benchmark rate is raised to discourage borrowing and spending.

Interest Rates and the Real Estate Market

Comparing today’s rates to the all-time high of 22.75% in 1981 requires nuanced considerations. The real estate market’s growth, particularly in urban areas, has led to increased home prices and larger mortgage loans. These changes have altered housing affordability and the impact of interest rate fluctuations on monthly mortgage payments.

Demographic shifts, population growth, and changes in urbanization patterns have influenced the supply and demand dynamics of the housing market, further impacting interest rate considerations.

Understanding the Path to Inflation

The path to inflation involves recognizing how changes in interest rates influence borrowing costs, spending, and economic activity, subsequently impacting the level of inflation. The BoC’s target inflation rate of 2% serves as a benchmark for price stability.

When inflation is too high, it erodes the purchasing power of money, while too low inflation signals weak economic demand. The BoC adjusts the policy interest rate to either stimulate economic growth and increase inflation or discourage economic growth and decrease inflation.

Predictions on Interest Rates

Current projections suggest a gradual decrease in interest rates during the second quarter of 2024. However, the Bank of Canada Governing Council remains divided on whether further rate increases are necessary for inflation to return to its target. Projections indicate a slow return to the 2% target, with CPI inflation forecasted to remain around 3% for the next year.

Future Outlook

While there is hope among traders and economists for a gradual decrease in rates in Q2 of 2024, the BoC’s decisions will be influenced by the complex interplay of economic factors. The delicate balancing act between encouraging economic growth and controlling inflation underscores the difficulty in predicting the exact trajectory of interest rates in Canada.

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