Sarah Julianna Siju: A Remarkable Journey of Music, Love, and Nursing

Sarah Julianna Siju
Success story of Sarah Julianna Siju

Sarah Julianna Siju’s life story is one that resonates with determination, passion, and a deep love for music. Born and brought up in the town of Georgina, Ontario, her journey is a testament to pursuing one’s dreams while excelling in the world of healthcare.

Educational Journey

Sarah embarked on her educational journey with zeal and dedication. She completed two bachelor’s degrees in science from Brock University in Niagara. Later, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Western University in London. Her academic excellence was a testament to her commitment to the field of healthcare.


Currently residing in Newmarket, Sarah works as a nurse at Lakeridge Health, where her dedication and compassion shine through in her patient care. Her journey in the healthcare sector has been nothing short of inspiring.

Talents and Interests

However, Sarah’s talents and interests extend beyond the medical field. Music has played a significant role in her life from a young age. Sarah is not only a gifted pianist but also a natural-born singer. Over the years, she has worked diligently to improve her vocal range and performance confidence. Sarah’s musical journey commenced with singing during her school and college years. It was during this time that she unearthed her innate talent and ignited her passion for music.

During her university years, she also delved into guitar lessons, further expanding her musical repertoire. Her talent didn’t remain hidden; she first showcased her abilities in talent shows at school, where her performances left a lasting impression. Additionally, Sarah competed in the local Georgina Idol competition over five years, wherein she consistently ranked in the top 10 every single year.

The Journey

As fate would have it, Sarah’s love story took an enchanting turn when she crossed paths with Siju. They met while working at a nursing home in Georgina, and the connection was instantaneous. The bond between them grew stronger, and they decided to tie the knot. What sets their relationship apart is the unwavering support and encouragement Siju provides for Sarah’s musical pursuits. He believed in her dreams without ever pressuring her to learn Malayalam. In response, Sarah started to learn Malayalam to connect with Siju’s parents and truly be a part of their family.

Their journey to marriage led Sarah to travel to Vemballur, Kerala embracing not only the love between them but the rich culture and traditions of Kerala. Sarah actively participated in Malayali cultural events, including the Diwali festival, where she showcased her musical talents.

One of the defining moments in her musical journey was when she had the privilege of meeting Amarjith Saji. This encounter further fueled her passion for music and inspired her to reach new heights. Sarah’s artistic expressions have also extended to the world of comedy, where she featured in a video alongside Sonu, showcasing her versatile talents.

Sarah’s aspiration

For Sarah, the dream doesn’t end here. She aspires to open her clinic someday, combining her passion for healthcare and her love for music. An ambitious goal is to lend her voice as a playback singer in Malayalam or Indian movies, transcending language barriers with her melodious tunes.

Sarah Julianna Siju’s journey is a testament to the beautiful synergy of healthcare, love, and music. It showcases the boundless potential of following one’s passions while excelling in one’s chosen profession. Her story is an inspiration for anyone looking to balance multiple passions and dreams, ultimately creating a life that harmonizes various aspirations into a beautiful symphony.

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