Considering a Move from Toronto to Calgary: A Comprehensive Analysis

City Skyline at Night in Calgary, Canada
City Skyline at Night in Calgary, Canada

Canada is a country known for its diverse cities and stunning landscapes, providing numerous options for individuals looking for a new place to call home. Two prominent cities in Canada, Toronto and Calgary, offer unique experiences and opportunities. This detailed analysis aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of what to expect when contemplating a move from Toronto to Calgary.

Unveiling Calgary: An Overview

Nestled at the confluence of the Bow River and Elbow River in Alberta’s southern region, Calgary is an energetic city often referred to as “Cowtown.” With a population exceeding one million, it stands as Alberta’s most populous city and serves as the administrative and financial center of Canada’s petroleum sector. Despite its rapid growth, Calgary strikes a balance between urban development and natural beauty, consistently ranking among the world’s Top 10 Most Livable Cities.

Toronto: The Multicultural Metropolis

As Ontario’s capital, Toronto is renowned for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and multiculturalism. With a population surpassing six million, it dwarfs Calgary in terms of size and diversity. Toronto is a global city and an international hub for business, finance, arts, and culture. Its diverse culture and vibrant urban life make it an exciting place to reside.

Comparing the Cost of Living: A Financial Perspective

When considering a move from Toronto to Calgary, financial considerations play a crucial role. Let’s delve into a comprehensive comparison of the cost of living in these two cities.

Rent and Housing

Calgary emerges as the more affordable option in terms of housing. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Calgary is around $1,058, while in Toronto, it significantly rises to $1,708. Similarly, utilities and insurance costs are slightly lower in Calgary, making it a more budget-friendly choice for those seeking savings in housing expenses.


Transportation costs vary between the two cities. Calgary offers a cheaper monthly transit pass at $109, compared to Toronto’s TTC pass, which costs $156. Additionally, car insurance rates in Calgary tend to be lower than those in Toronto, making commuting more affordable for Calgary residents.


Moving to Calgary provides a financial advantage in terms of lower tax rates. Alberta does not impose provincial taxes, meaning residents only have to pay the Goods and Services Tax (GST) of approximately 5%. In contrast, Ontario has a 13% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), which can significantly impact overall expenses.

The Upside of Moving to Calgary

Calgary offers several advantages that make it an attractive destination for individuals considering a move from Toronto. Here are a few key benefits:

Lower Living Costs: Calgary’s overall cost of living is significantly lower than Toronto’s, providing opportunities for greater savings.

Access to Outdoor Activities: Calgary’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains offers abundant outdoor activities such as running, cycling, hiking, and immersing oneself in nature’s beauty.

Clean City: Calgary is widely recognized as one of the world’s cleanest cities, thanks to its efficient waste management and recycling programs. The city’s commitment to maintaining a clean, green environment contributes to its high livability score.

Reduced Traffic: Compared to Toronto’s notorious traffic congestion, Calgary boasts a more efficient traffic flow, resulting in reduced commute times and a less stressful daily routine.

Diverse Job Market: While Calgary is primarily known for its oil and gas industry, it also offers diverse job opportunities across various sectors. The city is home to numerous corporate headquarters, making it an appealing destination for career-oriented individuals.

Potential Challenges of Moving to Calgary

While Calgary presents numerous advantages, it’s important to acknowledge potential challenges that may arise. Here are a few factors to consider:

Harsh Winter Climate: Calgary’s severe winter weather may pose a significant adjustment for newcomers, particularly those accustomed to milder climates. Heating costs can also be higher during the winter months.

Limited Public Transit: While Calgary’s public transit system is reasonably good, it is not as extensive as Toronto’s. This could be a potential drawback for individuals heavily reliant on public transportation.

Lower Cultural Diversity: While Calgary has its own multicultural ambiance, it falls short of Toronto’s level of cultural diversity. Those who thrive in culturally diverse environments may consider this a factor worth considering.

Top Neighborhoods in Calgary

When planning a move from Toronto to Calgary, selecting the right neighborhood is crucial. Some noteworthy neighborhoods worth considering include the Beltline, Downtown, Chinatown, and St. Andrews Heights. Each offers unique amenities and experiences, making them appealing options for newcomers.

Moving Services: Making the Transition Smoother

The logistics of a long-distance move can be daunting. However, hiring a reputable long-distance moving company can simplify the process. Many moving companies offer comprehensive services, including packing, loading, unloading, and tracking, providing a smoother transition.

Final Thoughts: Is It Worth It?

The decision to move from Toronto to Calgary is a personal one, influenced by various factors such as career opportunities, lifestyle preferences, and financial considerations. For individuals seeking a lower cost of living, access to outdoor activities, and a less congested city, Calgary may prove to be an ideal destination. However, careful planning and consideration are essential to ensure the move aligns with personal and professional goals. If you choose to make the move, Calgary’s welcoming community and picturesque surroundings make it a rewarding place to call home.

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