11 proven ways to effectively save on your utility bills


During the lockdown of Covid-19 pandemic and winter, Canadians spent a lot of money on electricity and other utility bills. Experts say, a few judicial changes in their daily living style at homes can enable them to reduce their utility costs grossly. They can save money by reducing their water consumption, electricity bills, using alternatives for cooking and so on even during peak winter. Let’s see step-by-step how this can be done:
A recent statistics showed that a typical Canadian household spends around CAD 210 per month on utility bills which makes it around CAD 2500 per year. Condsidering, the other expenses in a home such as transporation, fees for children, groceries, mortgage etc, this amount is a bit too much and can be easily brought down with a few wise decisions and practices of everyone in the household.

1. Maintain an excel sheet on the expenses

As per the words of Peter Drucker,”What gets measured gets managed”, make a note of all the expenses every month. Track all the expenses in individual columns, however meagre it is. Think of wise ways to manage it make a column for tips and jot it down beside every row.

2. Have a candid talk with your family members

Talk to kids with the facts, tell them about the advantages of saving money, show them the truth about the expenses at home. Let every member of the family work towards minimising the expenses. Explain to them how each member can help the family in saving money.

3. Curb fantom power

When not using the gadgets, make sure to turn off the equipment so that stand by power or fantom power is not exhausting your bills.

4. Understand your cooking devices

By knowing the energy consumption of each device you can use your oven, toaster and microwave wisely and make a choice when to use them. Using the right mode of cooking will also help you minimise your gas bills.

5. How to save on hydro bills

Hydro bills include all of the home’s electricity bills. Here are some tips to save on this bill:

1. During the day when sunlight is available make sure to turn off the ceiling light and also as much as possible, use smaller lights with lesser energy consumption like table lamps for individual use.

2. Use dishwasher and dryers in off-peak hours

3. Weather proof your window panes and glass doors to save you from extreme weather and consume less of the heater and air conditioning

6. Use less of dryer

Both for hair and drying clothes, make sure to dry your clothes by hanging and dry your hair by wiping as dryers consume a lot of energy and make your bills go high on regular use. If you intend to use a dryer for your comfort make sure to maintain your dryer after every use, so that your clothes dry faster.

7. Adjust your heater

Always use a thermostat to adjust the temperature to optimal levels even when you are going out. Also, use rugs and blankets to keep yourself warm during winter. Use furnace judiciously by cleaning the vent and regularly maintaining it.

8. Use laptops over desktops

Charged laptops always consume lesser energy than desktops, so move on to using laptops over desktops to minimise the power.

9. Use water prudently

Fix the leaky pipes and faucets first and also ensure to turn down your tap while soaping your dishes, shaving, shampooing and washing hands. Do not have lengthy showers by keeping the shower on throughout. These can save on your water bills.

10. Pay your bills on time

By paying your water, garbage and property tax on time, you save on an overdue amount.

11. Internet, cable bills

Opt for the right plan to suit your need, look for offers and packages that give you a good deal from the service provider.

All these small efforts and changes that your entire family makes can save a lot of money on your bills. So, be wise, plan together, be on the same page and save money as a family.

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