How to get a job as soon as you immigrate to Canada

How to get a job as soon as you immigrate to Canada
How to get a job as soon as you immigrate to Canada

If Canada is going to be your home, then the next step you should plan is to find a job there. Here, we will take you through a few important steps you should do to get a job in Canada as a newcomer. Thorough knowledge of the job market in Canada is also essential to fetch you a job quicker. To earn this info, you need to be online doing your research about the job market and your preferred position.

1 Work on your resume

Make sure to polish your resume and keep it crisp to the point. Do not fill your resume with unnecessary content, just highlight your core competencies and skills in a way it can be skimmed easily by the interviewer and the employer. In Canada, we also have a standardised format that can draw the attention of the employer towards you. Use the same format.

2 Get in touch with immigration serving organisation

In Canada, numerous organizations can help newcomers prepare their resumes, help them in job searches and services that can help them get a job. Get in touch with these organisations and get your assistance and information needed for the job search.

3 Register with prominent job portals

Renowned job portals are free to register, they push your resume into the pool, to get identified by the employer. You will also get notifications on real-time vacancies. A few of the popular sites are glassdoor, monster, Workopolis, Indeed, Eco Canada, Government of Canada job bank and so on.

4 Get your SIN number soon

Most jobs ask for a Social Insurance Number ( SIN), so make sure you get it on time as a newcomer. This is a mandate to get placed with any company in Canada.

5 Start networking

The best way to begin networking is through Linkedin and other social media sites during the pandemic. These are the venues and portals where potential employers and recruiters hang out. So get in touch via zoom or google meet with them, float your resume and get placed. Most of the job fairs are also advertised only through these platforms, to catch up on these events, to build stronger connections.

6 Get endorsements

Another thing that can potentially find you a job is getting good reference letters from your former employer, friends, colleagues etc. This endorses not just your skill but also your credibility to the employer. If you are referred by someone into a company, chances of you getting placed are quite high for a newcomer.

7 Accreditation of certificates

Some employers insist on your certificates getting assessed and accredited before placements. This checks how equivalent your experience and education is to the Canadian standards. 6 different organisations in Canada do this evaluation, click here to find out more about them:

8 Prepare for the interview

Work on your dress code, body language, communication, vocal modulation and also prepare for a few commonly asked questions. If you are looking for a specific role, read through the subjects as well. End of the day, you will be picked only on your relevance to the skill required and your match to the profile which is available.

Having learnt the key steps to acquire a job in Canada, as a newcomer don’t lose hope if you haven’t made it in your first interview. Keep trying and strategize your job hunt, eventually, you will get placed in the job you love.

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