Advantages of being a Permanent Resident of Canada!

Permanent Resident of Canada
Permanent Resident of Canada

There are innumerable advantages in being a Permanent Resident of Canada. First and foremost, Canada is a democratic society that offers freedom of expression and the right to live in equality. It has some of the cleanest air void of pollution, good and genuinely friendly people. The natural demography of the country is awesome, it is filled with beautiful snowclad mountains, pristine lakes, rivers and luscious greenery. It’s delicious maple syrup and welcoming Tim Horton’s chain is a definite treat to all. There is so much diversity to embrace with multi-cultural clans flocking into Canada. Having read all these wonderful things about Canada and the Canadians, now we are going to give away a few exciting benefits you reap by becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada.

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Live, study and work

With a permanent resident status you and your family members can live, study and work in any province of Canada. There is no restriction on movement or relocation within the country. Having stayed 5 years in this status, you can also apply for your Canadian citizenship.

Healthcare & social services

You get a SIN (social security number) and health card on becoming a Permanent Resident. This gives you access to avail any of Canada’s health services and social aides. There are also additional benefits you can claim when you fall sick, become disabled and run out of job…

Sponsorship rights

If your family member or spouse is living in another country and you want to reunite with them in Canada, permanent residence offers you a possibility to become an eligible sponsor.

Secure status

No one can take your status as a permanent resident away from you, it is the guarantee that you get from the Canadian Government.


Under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, you are offered safety and protection within the country.

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Chance of dual citizenship

When the Canadian Government offers you dual citizenship, you are entitled to keep your home country’s citizenship as well as retain your Canadian citizenship status, if you have acquired it.

If you hold a work permit and aspire to convert your status to a permanent resident or if you are in your home country wanting to apply for Permanent Residency under any category, get in touch with a reliable Immigration Consultant in North York – Ontario, Febin Tom : REG Immigration

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