Canada student and spouse visa: apply together or separately?

Is Canada your dream country? If the answer is yes and you are soon going to be a student in one of the top universities in Canada, you might have many questions in mind. It is especially true if you are married and have children. To move to Canada as a student, you undoubtedly need a Canada student visa. However, you will also need a spouse visa if you are married.

Now that you might wonder if you need to apply for both together or separately, we have come to your rescue. You can find answers to all your questions regarding Canadian students and spouse visas.

Which is the better way?

If you are wondering about applying for a Canada student and spouse visa together, you would be glad to know if it is possible. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) allows married students to apply for a spousal work permit along with their student visa.

Undoubtedly, you can apply for both separately. You need to wait for 2 to 3 months before you get both visas on your side. But most students opt for this option, fearing rejection. 

However, it is not the case if you have all the required documents. You can avail of the opportunity IRCC provides and apply for both visas together, thus saving time.

Requirements for Canada and spouse visa together

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada require you to fulfil the eligibility criteria and present the necessary documents to apply for a student and spouse visa together.

·         Marriage documents

The simultaneous application for a Canada student and spouse visa requires you to present valid marriage documents. You and your spouse must be ready with a marriage certificate. You might also need to provide additional documents, such as your marriage album.

·         Required marriage length

You and your spouse must fulfil the minimum marriage length criteria in order to apply for both visas together. You must be married for at least one year before the application timeline. 

·         Ongoing relationship proof

Proof of an ongoing relationship between you and your spouse must be presented along with the marriage documents. IRCC makes it compulsory for all foreign nationals if they want to apply for a student visa and spousal work permit together.

You can present documents proving that you live together, such as identity cards, insurance policies, driver’s licenses, etc. 

·         Proof of funds

The Canadian government also requires you to present proof of funds. It must prove that you and your spouse can sustain a living in Canada. You must have sufficient funds to afford an education in the concerned institute. Also, your spouse should earn enough to support you and your children financially. 

·         Information on children

If you have any children, you also need to provide information on them. You can present their birth certificates before IRCC as proof of their parentage.

Hence, you must prepare these documents and apply for a Canada student and spouse visa together.

Steps to follow in order to apply for both together

If you meet the eligibility criteria and want to apply for student and spouse visas together, here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Do your research: Before applying for a student and spouse visa together, you must research and make a road map. You must check the application procedure and timelines for applying to different colleges and universities in Canada.

You must ensure you fulfil the eligibility criteria set by the colleges and universities you are applying to. Choosing the right student stream is necessary in order to apply for a student visa. Lastly, preparing all the documents well before the application is a must.

  • Pass language tests: the application for a Canada student and spouse visa also requires you and your spouse to pass language tests. Passing the language test is necessary to show the language proficiency required by the respected university or workplace of your spouse. You will be required to submit the language test results during the application for the student and spouse visa.
  1. Apply: Finally, you can apply for a Canada student and spouse visa under the IRCC scheme. You must fill in the details carefully and submit the required documents to increase the chances of approval of your application.
  2. Wait for approval: After finishing the application procedure, you must sit back and wait for the approval. You can receive the approval within two weeks of application. You can then finally move to Canada with your spouse and your children.


Canada offers many opportunities for students to obtain high-quality education in top educational institutes. However, many students choose to continue their education after marriage and might want their spouse to accompany them to Canada. The good news is that students can apply for Canadian student and spouse visas together. It saves a lot of time and effort, which separate applications consume. Hence, you can avail of this opportunity and fly with your spouse to Canada.

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