Life of Minnu Johnson exemplifies all that it takes to be a Bright Star in Life!

life of minnu johnson

Achieving “Success Through Adversities & Reiterations” is what makes a person a STAR in his or her life! Talking about the life of Minnu Johnson, a settled Indian in Toronto, Canada, who sailed through various phases of struggle to achieve the position she holds now.

A successful scholar in the fields of science and biotechnology, Minnu had some different aspirations. You will be amazed to know that her life aspirations were pretty different from her academic pursuance. Owing to this reason, she had to struggle to succeed in achieving her goals, without harming her academics. 

The ambitious and self-driven Minnu always set achievable targets in her life and never felt comfortable settling down. This urge always kept her out of her comfort zone due to which she is on the ever-growing ladder of success in her life.

Early and Family Life

Minnu has her birth roots in Kothamangalam, Ernakulam of India. Born in a family comprising her father, mother, and brother, she receives great support from her parents and siblings. Her brother is now settled in Australia.

Since her childhood, she has had a great fascination with socializing and dancing. This fascination gradually turned into her aspiration for achieving success in life.

Academic Life spent practicing the Passions

Yes, that’s what Minnu’s academic Life was all about. She was a good student without any tendency of avoiding studies. Yet, she successfully managed to practice and develop her passionate undertakings. 

While in school, Minnu was an active part of dance groups, especially in folk and cinematic dances. She completed her Bachelor’s in Science with Chemistry Honours from St. George’s College of Aruvithura, India. Note that Minnu was the lead dancer of her college dance group. Additionally, she won many prizes by participating in inter-college dance competitions.

In 2019, she shifted to Canada to pursue her higher studies in Biotechnology. She got enrolled in the Centennial College of Scarborough, Canada, and completed her Advance Diploma in Biotechnology in 2020.

Profession following her Passions

Minnu is a science graduate with a specialization in Chemistry and Biotechnology, yet, the job she is pursuing now completely diverges from any of these trades. She is now one of the prominent members of the administration and management of a leading immigration firm in Canada.

Now, what guided her to take this path? The answer is here! The job she is pursuing involves a great deal of public interaction and relationship management. Before her current job, she worked as a Customer Service Representative of a premier community building and managing company in Canada.

Aren’t both of these jobs related to one of her Passions, i.e., her interest in socializing and mixing with people? That’s how Minnu selected her profession. Additionally, she is an active member of the dance team of SMYM which is the International Youth Association of Syro-Malabar Church Kennedy in Scarborough, Canada. 

She is a member of the Canadian Media Club and has her own realm over social media channels as well. Since 2019, she actively shares her creative content over TikTok and Instagram which has led thousands of followers to her respective channels.

Wrapping Up

The life of Minnu Johnson clearly exemplifies the fact that if you choose your passion to be your profession, you will never burn yourself out at work. That is the reason why despite having so many work responsibilities in her profession, Minnu never gets tired of nurturing her passionate attraction towards dance and socialization.

Straight from her native place in India to her current location in Canada, Minnu has very strategically managed her full-time engagements and extracurricular passions. That’s what makes Minnu a very balanced and strategically self-driven person, apt enough to touch success in whatever she believes in. Minnu’s whole-hearted attention and love towards her passion have not only helped her achieve success in her personal life but have also given her an iconic identity in the Canadian cultural community.

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