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We dream millions of dreams as a child. But what makes one different is the sheer determination and courage to chase them. To never give up no matter what stands in your way. This is what makes you one of a kind. We have a similar story of a great personality who has realized these lines. She is none other than Jeleesha Jain.

She is the epitome of perseverance, dancing her way to success. Dance is her way to life, more like breathing fresh air. So, let us walk through her inspirational journey and watch her leave behind serene footprints.

Early life and origin

Jeleesha Jelin comes from a beautiful origin, Kerela. She was born and brought up in Pathanamthitta, Kerala. She was fond of dancing right from her childhood days.

Besides giving it all to dance, she also got a promising education. Jeleesha is a Computer science and Engineering graduate from Chengannur IHRD engineering college. After completing her education, she made her way to Canada in 2021. In Canada, she was a part-time worker, which was a real challenge in her initial days. She had to go through a lot before she could settle in.

The only one between you and your dreams is you.

No matter the challenges life presented, Jeleesha Jelin refused to give up. It began right in school when she chose dancing as her passion. But it was not a swift journey for her.

As a matter of shame, she was ridiculed and demotivated by her own dance teacher in school. Though her teacher tried to make her believe that dance was not for her, she held on to herself and her passion.

To push her down further, Jeleesha was not selected as a part of the dance team. Her teacher did not believe in her potential and left her behind as a poor performer.

But they say you are the only one standing between you and your dreams. Jeleesha realized this, worked on her weaknesses and honed her dancing skills. This led her to win an honorable prize in a dance competition.

She received the prize under the judgment of none other than her school dance teacher, who once failed to see her bright side. This is how Jeleesha Jelin sharpened herself and is sparkling like a diamond to date.

She gave her the wings to fly

When we are at our worst, we usually fail to realize our worth. In such tough times, all we need is a little push from our loved ones, and nothing can stop us from soaring to great heights.

It would be more than fair to say that Jeelesha’s mother gave her the wings to fly toward her dreams. She never stopped believing in her daughter, pulled her together in her downs, and adored her in her ups.

Jeleesha’s mother, Usha, supported her passion. She is a government doctor with another daughter and Jeleesha’s sister, Jyothisha, a journalist. She got a brilliant dance teacher for her, Chengannur Prakashan.

Under her guidance, Jeleesha practiced dancing from the age of 9 to 20, eventually mastering it. She also learned dance under the shade of Kalamadalam Sreedevi’s teacher.

With these Gurus having her back, Jeleesha gained expertise in various dance forms. Bharathanatyam, Mohniattam, Kuchipudi, and Kerala nadanam are to name a few. It is how she made her way to the classical world of dance. Her brilliance made her win many prizes in dance competitions from her school days through college.

She sparkled as a dancer in many district-level competitions during her school days and received an A grade in many state-level competitions during her intermediate studies. It was all because her mother never left her side. She is the reason behind her success more than anyone.

A step towards socializing

Jeleesha Jelin believes in vibes. This made it difficult for her to befriend people during her initial days in Canada. She is more into finding people of the same taste. But this did not stop her from making her way to social media.

Her passion made everything possible for her. She joined tiktok during college and successfully made a fan base of 131k followers. All the credit goes to her elegant dance moves. Her popularity even led her to be a guest at Kottayam Flea Market in 2019.

Not only Tiktok, Jeleesha also became active on Instagram after moving to Canada. She added to her social presence through dance reels and stage performances. It includes her performances in Canadian media club shows, oruma programs, and Niagra Malayali association programs. She is a dancing star in India and abroad.

Moving toward a bright future

The inspiring journey of Jeleesha Jelin knows no end. It continues as she promises her huge audience to bring many creative videos, Instagram reels, and fusion to her dance. She says “Michel Jackson is my inspiration.”

She is a great performer on stage and, undoubtedly, on the path of life. So you can look forward to admiring her often in various dance programs in the future. Meanwhile, you can connect with her on Instagram and treat your eyes to her bizarre dance moves.

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