Yahya Raheem Panakkal: A Young Boy Living His Dream Life

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“You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.” The story of Yahya Raheem Panakkal is everything that quote says. A boy from the Deccan of India, driven by his burning passion and the spirit to do something different and make his identity in the world. Yahya is one inspiration for all the young kids who aspire to make it big in entertainment. The name and fame of Yahya Raheem are known to his lovers. What needs to be discovered is his backstory. So, in this article, we will talk about the journey that led to this day.

Born in South India in a middle-class family, Yahya Raheem is a 26-year-old talented, Lad. Being belonged to a South Indian family, an abundance of art and culture was always there. From the very childhood, Yahya was into acting and mimicking. Later, after his schooling in his hometown, Yahya went for higher education there; he completed his B.Com degree and achieved a Certificate in Accounts.

Since Yahya always found his interest flowing toward acting and performing. Then, he engaged in drama and acting during graduation. He led a drama club in his college. Those three years of performance and acting during graduation gave a pump to Yahya.

Once he graduated, he worked as a full-time business development and salesperson. But due to his passion, he worked for Mathrugeetham as RJ. This job was special because it was the first Malayalam FM program named CMR 101.3 FM Madhurageetham broadcasting in Canada. So, being of Malayali origin, this was a pleasure to get paid for Yahya.

Yahya started with RJ and naturally developed more liking for acting and performing. He has worked in the field of acting for the last 11 years. Along with acting, Yahya is also one excellent show organizer and host. He has organized three mega events along with the Canadian Media Club. From Kerala to Canada, he has hosted many successful events.

Along with acting, Yahya polished his other skills, like vlogging, videography, and anchoring. They say to make use of the time you are living in. Thus, that is what Yahya did.

Since today is the era of social media, anyone with talent and skill can make themselves noticed. In the time of TikTok and Instagram, videos go viral like fire. So, Yahya took advantage of this and started showcasing his talent on these platforms. He flourished on this platform and added to the number of his fans.

Be it Instagram or Tik Tok, Yahya makes the best of the content for his fans daily. Hence, his hard work and creativity made him the TikToker of the year in 2019.

Since Yahya was always work-oriented, he gave his best in what he did. His achievements are as follows:

Drama Club Coordinator, SIAS Vazhayur

TikToker of the year 2019, by Elevens Kerala, Canada

Joined as an RJ at Canada’s First Malayalam FM CMR 101.3.

Directed a Devotional Malayalam musical video for AI IZZ creations

Cofounder of Canadian Media Club

Best Stand-up comedian at CMC’s Yuvajanolsavam ’22, presented by Realtor Samson Antony

Yahya has many exciting projects waiting in a row to get launched. He has already shot for a few Malayalam short films and waiting for them to get to his fans. Not only this, but Yahya has already signed three new projects and working all hard to make them a success. The list of his projects is as below:

Projects Released:

1. The Haunted Hill :- One To Zero Productions (Malayalam Short-film)

  2.Parking Lottile Thiruvonam  :- Bluemoon Productions (Malayalam Shortfilm)

3. I see you :-Popcorn Media (Malayalam Shortfilm)

4. Living Together : Bluemoon Productions (Malayalam Shortfilm)

5. Kundalini :- Bluemoon Productions ( Malayalam Short-film)

Upcoming Projects:

1: Avanum Avalum :- Self Made Films ( Malayalam Short-film)

2: Varnachirakumai (Malayalam Musical Video)

3: Mannodum nee than vinnodum nee than (Tamil Musical video)

Behind all success, there is a backup, a support system. Similarly, for Yahya, it was his parents and friends. Settling and working in a place very far from your home is a tough job to deal with. The kind of dynamic career it is, one always needs a backup.

Though facing all the struggles and having the support of his loved ones, Yahya paved his way in acting and shined like a star.


Where there is a will, there is a way. So, it is what makes Yhaya what he is right now. Giving his best in what he does has made him the best in what he does. Yhaya is now a well-known name in the Malayali community of Canada.

We came up with a little in-and-about of Yahya’s life for his fans and lovers. We hope you have enjoyed reading about the life story from struggle to glory.

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