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British Columbia

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a way to move to British Columbia. So, it makes getting a job with the provincial government easier. This allows for meeting the local economy’s needs and the job market. Thus, this is a way for immigrants to stay in the country for good legally.

The program is run by the federal Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) department and the British Columbia Immigration Provincial Program. So, if you want to apply for the British Columbia Immigration Provincial Program, you must do two things. First, you must fill out a Nomination Application and send it to the Provincial Government. Second, you get a nomination from the Province and then apply to the Federal Government to become a permanent resident.

Who Can Apply for the British Columbia PNP?

Eligibility requirements are not standard across the board but are tailored to each initiative.

All programs must ensure that applicants meet specific minimum standards.

It includes:

· Immigrants to British Columbia are necessary to provide evidence of legal status.

· Two years of experience in a skilled, relevant field is necessary.

· You must show that you intend to fulfil your duties as assigned by your BC employer.

· It is necessary to provide evidence of a job from a BC-based company (not required for some programs)

· Has to be fluent in the necessary language(s)

Entry Express for British Columbia

Moving to BC via the Express Entry system makes it easier for skilled workers who meet the Province’s requirements. You also have to meet the needs of a federal program that helps people move to better jobs. Then, BC Express Entry uses points to decide who to invite. The British Columbia immigration provincial program and the permanent residence application are digital.

You must meet the following British Columbia PNP program requirements to be eligible for this Express Entry BC PNP stream:

· Have a valid IRCC Express Entry Job Seeker Validation Code and Express Entry Profile Number. Further, it certifies that you meet the entry requirements for any of the three IRCC Express Entry programs.

· Must get committed to working for a local company. So, the position must fall within the range of “skilled” jobs, defined as “level B,” “level A,” or “level 0” under the NOC system.

· Have the necessary skills for the provincial position offered to you.

· At least two years of experience is necessary for the position offered.

· Prove that you and your dependents are financially independent.

· Have a valid visa or another immigration status to enter the nation.

· Meet the bar for linguistic proficiency.

· Have a job offer consistent with the average salary and number of openings in British Columbia for the chosen field of work.

British Columbia Skilled Immigration

Highly skilled and semi-skilled employees can apply through Skills Immigration. So, British Columbia has a point-based invitation system. Thus, a paper-based application for permanent residency (PR) and an online request for British Columbia PNP are must-haves.

Sub-categories in SI may not need formal job experience at all. Work experience gained outside of Canada is acceptable for the skilled worker stream. Still, it is mandatory for semi-skilled & entry-level streams. So, Canadian universities and colleges often hire international students without requiring previous work experience.

The British Columbia Skills Immigration program aims to attract foreign nationals who possess the necessary qualifications to contribute to British Columbia’s economy. Hence, its sub-programs prioritize newcomers who are qualified for work in British Columbia and have the work history essential to find and keep a job in the area. The many subdivisions of SI are as follows:

· Healthcare Experts in British Columbia

· International Graduate of British Columbia Institution 

· British Columbia Trained Worker

· International Student and Graduate of British Columbia

· BC Semi-Skilled & Entrance-Level Worker 

Sub-streams within British Columbia Skills Immigration do not need applicants to meet Express Entry requirements. But, most programs in this category provide an expedited permanent resident visa route to eligible applicants who maintain an active outline in Express Entry.


If you want to live permanently in British Columbia but are having trouble getting PR status in the country, the BCPNP can help.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) collaborate with the provincial government of British Columbia to run the program. But prospective residents must first apply for nomination to the Province. Thus, if they get this nomination, they may apply for permanent residency in the federal government.


Q1. Does British Columbia have a PNP program?

Ans: The British Columbia PNP is the Province’s sole direct economic immigration instrument for bringing in new British Columbians. The Province has created a permanent residency program to encourage talented professionals in high demand to move to British Columbia.

Q2. How much is the CRS score necessary for British Columbia PNP?

Ans: The entrance rule for the British Columbia PNP is a cumulative total of 85 points.

Q3. Can I apply directly to BC PNP?

Ans: You can apply directly to BC PNP vie PNP Express Entry Stream. But it is available for all courses except health authority and post-graduates.

Q4. What are the requirements for PNP British Columbia?

Ans: The requirements for the British Columbia immigration process are as follows:

· For immigration to British Columbia, documentation of legal status is necessary.

· Work experience in the related skilled profession of at least two years is a must.

· Must prove intent to carry out the obligations assigned by the BC employer.

· Must have a job offer from a company in British Columbia.

· Must be fluent in the relevant languages.

Q5. Is BC PNP difficult?

Ans: British Columbia PNP has been the primary option among immigration hopefuls because of its quick immigration and simple paperwork procedure. So, employers in this Province only need necessary job experience in some categories.

For more PNP-related articles, please visit Swagatham Canada’s provincial nominee’s section.

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