Doing what you love opens many doors- Subha Vasudevan.

Subha Vasudevan

The internet era has laid a foundation for everyone worldwide to showcase what they love doing. If, in this time and space, you make use of this opportunity and let the world know about your passion, you will not even know how you get the bigger success in life. Subha Vasudevan is a living example of this.

Starting off making dance videos which she used to enjoy doing, led her to get an opportunity to get many famous brand endorsements. But the journey was more challenging than it sounds. Let’s learn a little about her life, her achievements, and the challenges she tackled in this journey.

Back Life Story- From Where It All Started 

Subha Vasudevan was born in the South of India. At the very beginning of her life, she lost her father. The challenges started hurdling her way from there only. But Subha has always been a fighter and an achiever. After her father, she was taken care of by her mother. Her mother has always been a support system for her.

After completing her primary education in South India, she moved to Canada for her higher studies in business administration. Being away from home and living in a new place with so many new people was challenging for her. To get her mood lifted, she started dancing.

Though she had never been trained in this field, Subha pulls off dancing very well. With her studies in Canada, she regulated making videos and putting them on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. People started liking her videos and dance moves and wanted to see more of them. Subha then learned that people liked her moves and started working even harder. She became more active on her social media platforms and performed more dances.

After completing her studies, she moved to the U.S. In the U.S.; she found her life partner, Vimal. They got married there and are living happily. After her mother, Vimal and his parents have been the source of motivation for her. He motivates her to do more dance and grow her platform.

Along with her TikTok and Instagram fame, Subha handles her career well. Currently, she works as a process analyst for a brokerage company in the U.S.

Making Best of Even The Band Days is The Way to Success 

Everything was going well; Subha had 300 k followers on Instagram. But then, TikTok got banned in India. It was a major setback for many performers making a good career on TikTok. But Subha did not stop there. She started making her dance videos on Instagram reels. Her fans loved seeing her on other platforms, also. Her fame became more light when Atlantic Canada news covered her and appreciated her moves. She even broke the internet with her dance on the Bollywood song “Saiyaan Dil Me Aana Re”. Fans went crazy with her move and showered her with love and praise.

With the help of TikTok and Instagram fame, Subha achieved a lot in her life. She got big ads from the companies such as craft, Heins, etc.

Subha Vasudevan: About Her Journey And What Kept Her Going

When I asked Subha about her success mantra, she shared very good things. She said that when she started, only a few people were confident enough to come forefront, record their performance and showcase it to the world. But now things are changing. People are getting more self-aware. They accept themselves and their talents with utter pride. And that is the mantra behind any success. Doing what you love to do and being honest and sincere with that one goal will define you.

According to Subha Vasudevan, inner happiness is the second most important thing that leads to success. If you start doing what you love and enjoying the process, it will bring success.

According to Subha, without worrying much about the number of followers and likes, one should concentrate on whether they enjoy what they do. Keep doing your work and respecting the people who appreciate your work. Keep on sharing your performances, and strive to learn more daily. Work on how you can improve yourself and keep consistency.

Her passion for dance kept Subha going strong and doing what she did. She, even in her college days, used to teach dancing both on and off campus. Dancing is like a meditation to her, which keeps her spirit high.

From the story of Subha, you must have the gist that following your passions opens a path for you. Thus, follow your heart, do what you love to do, and be honest about it; success will come following you.

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