Top 5 tips to sell your house for the best price in Canada

sell your house_the best price in Canada.
sell your house_the best price in Canada.

Toronto: Selling your house at the best price is a quite daunting task, but if you plan well ahead and get the right kind of support, things might fall in place as desired. We will tell you some of the tried and tested methods to achieve the best price for your home.

Get your property listed with the help of realtors:

The type of home does not matter, you may have a Condo, Townhouse, Semi-detached or Independent property, the price for sale is not based on the type of home but on the specificity of the property. You may love your home but when it comes to pricing the home for sale, talk to the realtor and find out the market price at the particular location. Realtors generally mark the price only at the best price as it profits them. For further advice on pricing your home for sale, call Real Estate guide Anup Sommraj

Invest in valuable pieces of art:

Homes are valued more if they are filled with good paintings that hold resale value. Hence, from the time you move into a home, if you feel like decorating your house, invest in resalable pieces of art that can attract the buyer towards your home. Also remove emotional stuffs like photo frames of your dead great gran and your religious artefacts before you showcase your home to the buyers.

Some special features:

Most buyers look for homes with special features likepatio with a barbecue station, big bathroom with jacuzzi, couple of garages, kitchen island, motorized blinds, high ceiling with room for chandelier, spacious garden with back yard and so on. So, if you invest in such special things in your house, you can find your house to be tagged at a higher price for sale by the assessor and the buyer.

Do not ignore maintenance:

Right from day one, make sure all the repair work like a leaky tap or a stained wall is repaired, cleaned and maintained regularly. Long-term non-maintenance reflects in the look of the house. Accumulating such chores can also make you spend more on renovating and burn your pocket by investing heavily in repair work before sales. Also, add appeal to your house by preparing your house for sales, like by changing the broken items like kitchen countertops, washing machine, repainting your home and cleaning. Some home stagers also do an excellent job in prepping up your home for sale.

Hire a realtor based on his commission:

Agents can help you sell the house easily but they also come along with a fees tag called commission which will be deducted from your earnings. So, enquire with the agents about payment structure before you go for a realtor. The homes sold within 2 weeks from the listing are the ones that have a great appeal to the buyer,  if your home is on the listing for long then you need to opt for changes within your home to make your home more attractive to the buyer.

These 5 proven tips, if adhered to with diligence can make your home appealing to the buyers in the market and may also earn you a lucrative gain for your pockets.

If you are a first time home buyer struggling to find a perfect home for yourself, call the expert realtor.

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