Meet the star self-made entrepreneur & visionary, Ms Vidhya Jeyapal & her road to success!


Brampton: This strikingly strong-willed businesswoman is a true inspiration to all women. As a child, Vidhya was an endlessly curious little girl who was born & brought up in Coimbatore. Her roots sprouted from this city, popularly known as the textile capital of South India, located in the State of Tamil Nadu. The city is known for its food & hospitality, the two indispensable features that define the culture of the people there…

Growing up, she always wooed her grandmother’s culinary skills & the flavours of South Indian spices. After her schooling in Coimbatore at the age of 13, Vidhya moved to Chennai, a metro city in South India, where she spent most of her prime years. She started her career at multinational banks such as ABN Ambro, HDFC…

While Vidhya was busy with her career in Chennai, her parents got her married to a working professional in Dubai, Mr. Hariram in  Feb 2003. Mr. Hariram, Vidhya’s husband was blessed with the gift of the gab and was working as a country manager at a reputed firm in the Middle East. The couple who started their married life in Dubai, decided to migrate to Canada. Since Hariram was holding a good career stance in Dubai, the initial plan was to make Vidhya move to Canada and then migrate totally as a family. By then, they were a family of four and the couple had their two children Akshaya & Arjun.

Vidhya took a bold move to migrate to Canada alone and establish her career. As she stepped into the new land to explore the opportunities there, she initially started her career in 2009 with SBI, Canada. Though the job was promising, she always longed to have a business of her own. Amidst all the raging conflict between the mundane money-making career and her passion, Vidhya made a brave leap to follow her heart. She wanted to leverage her culinary skills and bring out the flavours of South India to the West.

Her fascination for cooking became the foundation for her new business. Vidhya started to share the goodness of Southern spices and offer a taste of her grandmother’s recipes to her friends and colleagues. Thoroughly mesmerized by the authentic flavours, mixed in the right proportion, people started to plead with her for various dishes. It was quite a cakewalk for Vidhya to soon establish herself as an entrepreneur. It was evident that she had the skill and knew the art of taming craving palettes.

Seeing the scope for a prospective business  among her Canadian peers, Vidhya soon invited Hariram to join her to expand the business. Having been a Country Manager of a business firm for a considerable span, her spouse knew the nuances to develop the initiative further. The couple started to take huge party orders, conduct events and also sell packaged homemade food. Her ready to eat, range of foods like Organic Dosa batter, instant Sambar and Idli batter became the hot favourites of their customers. Her newly evolved business was christened with a competitive brand name ‘Chennai Caters Inc. Seeing her hard work and entrepreneurial skills, the Dancing Damsel Inc of Toronto, honoured her with an award for the year in 2016. Now her business has grown exponentially and has reached customers all across North America.

Now, Vidhya’s children are grown and in their teens, she recalls the hard work she’d put into her business with efforts to juggle her chores as a mother and a businesswoman. All her efforts have indeed paid her off well, she has undoubtedly proved that a  woman’s commitment and will to succeed can move mountains in her favour. Kudos Vidhya Ji, you are truly an inspiration to all women out there!

To relish the delicacies of ‘Chennai Caters‘ & to enjoy the lip-smacking flavours of South Indian cuisine at your parties & events, call: +1 9057836777.

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