Believer of “Best is yet to come” Prince John proves that Success is not Final and Failure is never Fatal

Prince John
Prince John

A highly dedicated and motivated individual won’t be enough to declare the persona of Prince. With a visionary approach towards life, Prince, coming from Chennai, a metropolitan in India is now well-settled in Canada as a prominent person in the Canadian commercial banking space.

Sailing through the tides of time on the boats of many tough decisions and judgments, the life of Prince holds notable value. It can be an inspiration for many of us and will help us to keep ourselves together during our tough times. He is the perfect example of the quote “Success is not Final and Failure is not Fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”. 

Education & Certification

Born and brought up in Chennai, a metropolitan city in India, Prince John started his schooling in his hometown. Henceforth, he got the opportunity to study in one of the leading universities in India, Anna University. He pursued his Bachelor of Engineering course with specialization in Information Technology. After getting his engineering degree in 2006, he continued his academic journey and completed  Post Graduation in Management from Singapore Institute of Commerce, completing it in Singapore. 

Moving further, he visualized his future to be a successful Banking professional. Furthermore, he also graduated in Business Edge Finance from the Rotman School of Management affiliated with the University of Toronto.

His glorious hat of achievements is decorated with the feathers of vivid certifications from reputed institutions.  He is a qualified Portfolio Management professional. He holds a Capital Market Certification from the Trinity Academy, Mumbai (India).

Professional Career

A brief summary of the professional journey of Prince as follows:

  • Successful history of negotiating capital market deals worth over $100M
  • An entrepreneur building Hydroponic Business Ground Up to help Canadian Green Houses with Green Products within 1 year of his arrival to Canada.
  • A successful and popular speaker on Financial Diversity with 200+ hours of experience in Public Speaking and as an Emcee.

Apart from this, he has helped scores of entrepreneurs in their startups and operations by providing practical and valuable financial consulting and assistance. He has helped them to live up to their business dreams by helping them go global, lease or buy property or acquire other businesses. He declared his main business to be “helping businesses so that they can put more jobs in my community”. This gives him the identity of a great community player as well. Presently he is a Senior Manager in Commercial banking, consulting and advising  Mid-market clients in GTA. 

These are great achievements considering the fact that Prince just moved to Canada in 2018. In India, he started as a Relationship Manager in Kotak Mahindra Bank in Chennai. He climbed the corporate ladder to become Assistant Vice President in Business banking. 

His noted positions were branch Manager, Senior Branch Manager and Director of Sales in leading organizations within a span of 10 years in India. 

In these 10 years, he proficiently handled big responsibilities like:

  • Complete remittances worth more than 100 M US$ 
  • Corporate Sales for companies with annual worth of more than 500 crores INR
  • Key Accounts Management for brands like Nokia and Hyundai on behalf of YES Bank
  • Efficient team management leading to revenue growth of over 30%
  • 100+ Corporate accounts advising solutions to Automotive Industry and Mid-market clients

His professionalism and potential to deliver the best filled his bags with corporate trophies like:

  • Best Performer for Acquisition of New Business from Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Star Employee for 7 months in a stretch from Dhanlaxmi Bank
  • Led the Dhanlaxmi Bank branch to earn reputation of being No. 1 in PAN India under his flagship
  • Helped YES Bank branch he handled gain the recognition of Best Branch in PAN India

He continued his streak after reaching Canada as well. As Business Accounts Manager of the Royal Canada bank, he created a record of acquiring more than 30 clients   Which is a record till date for the market. 

He was elevated as a  Commercial Accounts Manager of the Royal Bank of Canada and contributed to the region’s growth significantly. Now he holds a full-time engagement in the role of Senior Commercial Manager/ Directeur Principal for BDC 

Throughout his professional journey in Canada, he has always focused on one of his major motives – “facilitate entrepreneurs financially to create opportunities for people in his community”. This is a great mission in itself indeed!

Things that you must know about Prince John!

Up til now we read through the beautiful colors of the life of Prince. But, as we all know, it takes time and effort to build something beautiful. Same goes with Prince John’s life. Amidst a carousel of sacrifice and adventure, he sailed his boat across the tides of tough times.

He resigned from the most coveted position of Assistant Vice President of RBL Bank, one of the leading Indian banks, and left for Canada when he was 32 years of age. He moved almost 12,000 kms away from his native place following his noble motive and vision for life. In the process he had to sell his house and car; leave his parents, friends and relatives and start his life in a completely new way by staying in a basement on rent in Canada.

A new nation, new people, new work environment and culture and community around; what drove Prince John was his positive approach to life and tenacity to achieve his mission.  


 Despite reaching the heights of success in the banking industry, Prince still strives hard to work for the community. He has a dream that entrepreneurs should not fail to achieve their dreams just due to finances. He also says that entrepreneurs must be able to grow, not only for their development but for the development of the society and community by creating employment opportunities. Such visionary leadership is very rare nowadays. 

We wish Prince our absolute best! He is an influencer on LinkedIn, he can be reached at Prince John, B.Tech,PG-Mgmnt

Prince is also an emcee for the past 15 years, for an event you can reach Prince at  Prince John, B.Tech,PG-Mgmnt

For more Success Story, please visit swagatham Canada’s Success Story section.

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