Rathish Menchery Mony: The Inspiring Journey of an Indian Trailblazer in Canada

Rathish Mory

A Humble Beginning: Rathish’s Arrival in Canada

Born in Thrissur, Rathish Menchery Mony moved to Canada in 2015 with his wife, Parvathy Radhamoney Sudhakaran, and their two kids, carrying a heavy burden of debt, but a heart full of dreams. Despite the challenges, Rathish was determined to make a better life for himself and his family in their new home.

Building Connections: Sports and the Power of Community

Rathish’s love for sports, particularly soccer and cricket, helped him connect with the community and build long-lasting relationships. Through these connections, he began to lay the foundation for a future filled with success and community empowerment.

Appfabs Inc.: A Testament to Success and Community Empowerment

Rathish’s entrepreneurial journey began with Appfabs Inc., a software product development company. Today, the company employs 73 employees in Canada and 37 in India, with over 300% growth in the last two years and over 15 million in yearly revenue. People from more than 11 countries are working for his company, many of whom have transformed their lives and careers through this opportunity.

QAGuru Inc.: Transforming Lives Through IT Training

Another venture, QAGuru Inc., has trained more than 200 job aspirants, helping them switch careers and earn a decent living in Canada. This IT training institute has enabled countless individuals to secure fulfilling and well-paying jobs, contributing to their personal success and the growth of the community.

Hola Resorts, Fruitsilla, and NammudeKada Inc.: Diversifying Success

Rathish’s success didn’t stop with Appfabs and QAGuru. He expanded his entrepreneurial efforts into hospitality with Hola Resorts, providing unforgettable weekend getaways. He also ventured into the food and beverage industry, with Fruitsilla, a fresh juice and bubble tea company, and NammudeKada Inc., a restaurant that serves delicious Malayalee food.

VMR Ideation and World Malayalee Federation Canada: Entertainment and Global Outreach

Rathish continued to pursue his passion for entertainment and community outreach by founding VMR Ideation and becoming the Country Coordinator for the World Malayalee Federation Canada, which is the largest global association with official units in 156 countries. These ventures have allowed him to entertain and support his community through various events and activities, both locally and globally.

Sports Clubs: Uniting the Community Through a Shared Passion

Rathish’s love for sports has led him to support various sports teams, such as Tuskers Cricket Club, Travancore Clubbers, Diamond FC by Dexage Soccer Academy, and MASC & Vambans – Tug of War Club. These clubs have helped to unite the community through a shared passion for sports and have provided newcomers with a sense of belonging and support.

The Success Mantra: “Believe in Yourself, Embrace Challenges, and Pursue Your Passion”

Rathish Menchery Mony is a shining example of a successful Indian in Canada who has turned his dreams into reality. His unwavering commitment to his community, dedication to his work, and passion for sports have made him a role model for countless people. As a devoted husband and father, Rathish has created a legacy that is not only inspiring but also motivating for those who dream of a better life. Through his ventures, he has provided livelihoods for 138 families. Under his leadership, the World Malayalee Federation Canada has helped needy people in the Greater Toronto Area during Covid-19 and has been recognized by the Consulate General of India in Toronto.

Rathish is supported by his loving family. His wife, Parvathy Radhamoney Sudhakaran, is an IT professional who looks after all of his businesses and serves as an insurance domain consultant for Appfabs Inc. Their daughter, Avanthika Menchery Rathish, is in the 6th standard, while their son, Navanth Menchery Rathish, is in grade 2. By sharing his journey, Rathish Menchery Mony offers invaluable guidance and mentorship, encouraging others to follow in his footsteps and create their own paths to success.

His success mantra, “Believe in Yourself, Embrace Challenges, and Pursue Your Passion,” serves as an enduring message of inspiration for young people and dreamers everywhere. Rathish’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and a genuine desire to help others, proving that with determination and a strong support network, anyone can achieve great success. His legacy is not just his entrepreneurial success, but also his commitment to the community, empowering others, and giving back to society. Rathish Menchery Mony has truly become a trailblazer and an inspiration to many.

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