Amith Baby; The tale of a youngster from the remote village of kerala became the head chef in Bawarchi restaurant and won the hearts of Telugus

Amit Baby
Amit Baby

Scarborough: When the superhit Malayalam film ‘Ustad Hotel‘ released back in 2012 with a plot of the protagonist, chose cooking as his favorite occupation and later became the main chef at Ustad Hotel, the one who got enthralled extremely among the Malayali audience must be Amith Baby who comes from the place, Thodupuzha in Kerala. The reason for this is that the story of this film is very much similar to the life of Amith who is working as a chef in Canada right now. Amith was born as the son of a pineapple farmer. Amith’s father’s dream was his son to go one step further and start a pineapple export business. But when Amith was young, he wanted to be a chef. Amith’s father, who knew his wishes, initially discouraged him but eventually agreed to his son’s will.

After completing his hotel management studies in Bangalore, Amith flew to Singapore for his postgraduate studies. There he successfully completed post graduation in Hotel Management. After returning to India, Amith was married to Midhuna Mathew. Although he remained in India after marriage, Amith, who was acquainted with the working culture abroad, wanted to leave India to work as a chef abroad. With Midhuna Mathew fully supporting her husband, it became a turning point in Amith’s life. That’s how Amith set foot in Canada.

Despite having excellent working experience and knowledge as a chef, his early years in Canada working in an Italian restaurant were very challenging for Amith. Those were the days he even doubted whether his decision was wrong. It was in such a situation that Amith came to the attention of the Bawarchi group, which ran a restaurant chain in North America. Bawarchi group had just opened a restaurant in Canada and they were keeping an eye out for a chef with vast experience and dedication to make the restaurant a huge success. That is how Amith became the main chef of the Bawarchi group. The growth of Amith and the Bawarchi group in Canada started simultaneously right there.

It is an indisputable fact that running a restaurant’s process flow in the best possible way is a daunting task. Experience or knowledge in cooking or serving alone is not enough for this job. Employee patience and mutual cooperation are all crucial factors. It is natural for anyone to feel tired due to the workload of shifts that last for hours or the harsh reactions of the customers. But his colleagues testify that Amith is a person who faces such situations with great flexibility and care. Amith is happy to take on the task when his colleagues are absent due to illness or inconvenience. Amith proudly says that the motto “work is worship” was inherited from his father, a diligent pineapple farmer.

Andhra-style dishes had a huge place on the menu of the newly opened Bawarchi group restaurant in Canada. With the arrival of Amith, the demand for Andhra-style dishes at the Bawarchi group restaurant has increased. As a result Bawarchi group and Amith earned a lot of fans among the South Indian foodies. Amith says, that is the moment he felt the meaning of the English proverb ‘The Way to Someone’s Heart is Through Their Stomach’ is literally correct. A baby boy named Ethan jacob has recently entered the lives of Amith and Midhuna. According to Amith, he is proud and happy to work as the main chef in a restaurant group like Bawarchi group that is well known in Canada. For Amith, it is indeed a dream come true. A dream that blossomed in his mind when he was a lad, who helped his father in pineapple farming in a remote village of Thodupuzha.

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