Amrutha Raju: Navigating Passions, Blazing Trails, and Embracing Life’s Journey

Amrutha Raju
Navigating Passions, Blazing Trails, and Embracing Life's Journey


Amrutha Raju’s journey is a testament to the pursuit of passion and the seamless blending of diverse interests. Born and raised in the picturesque town of Kottayam, Kerala, she exhibited an early affinity for athletics during her academic years. Her journey into higher education led her to pursue a B.Tech in Computer Science at St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology, Palai, Choondacherry.

The world of fashion and beauty

Post-graduation, Amrutha ventured into the world of fashion and beauty, leveraging her creativity to establish a small business named Beauty Mantra Clothing. This venture marked the beginning of her entrepreneurial spirit. Simultaneously, she delved into CAT coaching, setting the stage for her aspirations in management.

A new chapter

In the chapters of her personal life, Amrutha found love and companionship with Benson Babu Mathew, whom she married in 2021. The following year, armed with a zest for learning and growth, she embarked on a new chapter in Canada. Pursuing project management studies at Lampton College, she successfully completed her course in 2021.

Currently, Amrutha occupies an administrative role in public health in British Columbia, showcasing her adaptability and competence in diverse professional arenas. Her trajectory in the corporate world reflects a commitment to continuous learning and skill development.

The canvas of Amrutha’s life

The canvas of Amrutha’s life expanded further with her vibrant presence on Instagram. From documenting her travel escapades to sharing insights into couple lifestyle and fashion, she has amassed a considerable following. Her Instagram journey gained momentum after her honeymoon trip to the Maldives, where she discovered the therapeutic power of travel.


Amrutha’s wanderlust has taken her to diverse destinations such as Thailand, Mexico, the Maldives, Alberta, BC, Canada, and Las Vegas. Each journey becomes a canvas for her to paint memories, and she diligently updates her travel escapades on Instagram.

Looking ahead, Amrutha envisions an expansive future. Her plans include further exploration of Canada, a country she now calls home, and a comprehensive tour of India. Her commitment to these goals is evident in her financial discipline, as she diligently saves from each paycheck for future adventures.

Amrutha Raju’s story

Family holds a special place in Amrutha’s heart. Her father, Raju, is a planter, and her mother, Jolly, is a businesswoman. Her sister, Amala Raju, is doing her finals in CA, and her brother, Lukose Raju, is currently pursuing studies in Canada.

Amrutha Raju’s story encapsulates the essence of a modern, dynamic woman who seamlessly balances her professional pursuits, entrepreneurial endeavors, and the joy of exploration. Her journey unfolds as an inspiration to those who dare to dream beyond boundaries and embrace the richness of life.

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