Anupriya Jose can mesmerize her audience with her strong vocal skills

Singer Anupriya Jose
Singer Anupriya Jose

Toronto: Anupriya started her training in music at the age of three. Her father KC Jose who is a retired music teacher in Kerala was her first mentor. Anupriya says music and singing run in her blood. Her talent in singing comes from her dad who is also an amazing classical singer.

Upon discovering Anupriya’s melodious singing voice, her dad enrolled her in official Carnatic music training under the legendary Carnatic singer Shivan Uchakavil for a few years. She couldn’t pursue Carnatic music further due to time constraints as her focus shifted to her university studies, work and subsequent migration to Canada.

Her career and job choices lay as a constraint to pursue her passion, it was Anupriya’s job as a nurse that brought her to Canada from Calicut in Kerala 10 years ago. She came on a student permit to Vancouver to establish her career as a registered nurse. She then moved and worked in Manitoba for 6 years and currently lives in London Ontario along with her husband and kids for the past two and a half years.

Anupriya is currently working as a Registered Public Health Nurse & Covid Case Investigator at London Public Health Unit. Her mother, Mary M Thomas is her best critic and her ardent fan. Anupriya’s mother was also a healthcare professional like her. She worked most of her career at Calicut Medical College and retired as a Nursing Superintendent from Kottayam Medical College. She also has a great flair for music and has always been a person who encourages Anupriya and her father in their musical journey.

Anupriya also has a brother named Alwin who is also keenly inclined towards music, he is an excellent tablaist & a talented singer. Anupriya considers music as a breath of life and would like to entertain her audience with her inbred gift of singing. Anupriya makes time to render her nightingale voice to amuse people by singing at various events organized by the Malayali communities as well as private music shows.

Six years ago, Anupriya got married to Kevin who is also a nurse in Canada. The couple is blessed with twins, Jonathan and Jenifer who are 4 years old now. Her passion to sing took backstage as she was transitioning from a student to a PR in Canada. Today, Anupriya has devoted time to showcasing her skill to the world. She has also participated in various singing contests in Kerala as well as in Canada.

Some of her notable achievements include the semifinalist title in Gandharva Sangeetham Senior in 2006, the title winner of Red FM idol [Vancouver] in 2013

Winning Special Jury Award in Flowers TV USA, ‘Sing & Win’ Season 1 in 2020.


She has recorded over 20 music albums including Christian Devotional Songs. Some of them are listed below


She has also done recording for 2006 Milma theme song (Milma is a dairy brand in Kerala)

In Canada, she has been part of several music shows conducted in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and various cities across Ontario.

Music has always been her first love; she wishes to continue singing and will whole heartedly accept promising singing opportunities that comes along her way. She predominantly sings songs in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi.

As far as her passion goes, she has always received good support from her friends and well-wishers in Canada. Her advice to new immigrant musicians is to ‘Keep Singing! No matter how hard life hits you, keep doing what you love and simply follow your heart!’

Anupriya feels that true passion can give you the drive & energy needed to pursue it. She also quotes what Oprah Winfrey once said, ‘Passion is energy & you need to feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you’

Instagram handle: @anupriyajosemusic

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