Introducing the new dancing sensation Hrikdha Ashokan


Toronto: Hrikdha Ashokan is a  well trained classical dancer who knows the nuances of her dance style. Hrikdha was born and brought up in a tiny town named Kuthuparambara in Kannur, Kerala in India. 

Right from her school days, Hrikdha was very keen on dancing. Her family supported her talent and enabled her to learn dance. From her 6th grade onwards, Hrikdha learnt classical dance under the renowned classical dancer and teacher Thiruvangadu Vasantha.  

Hrikdha Ashokan was trained in Indian classical dance in her hometown. As a school-goer, when she was in grade 10, she won the Kerala Nadanam A grade in Kerala state Kalalsavam in the year 2011. She also was the winner of Kerala Nadanam 3rd A grade in Kerala state Kalavasam in 2013 while studying grade 12. 

The Kerala Health University crowned her as the Kalathilakam as Hrikdha mastered different genres of dances such as Bharathanatyam, Kutchipudi and Keralanadanam.

Her parents Ashokan and Sheeja Ashokan along with her siblings have always encouraged her to develop her inbred skill.  It was their support and motivation that led her to compete at the Kerala State, Kalavasam 2014 Kerala Nadanam A grade. 

She was also a brilliant student who took an affinity towards health sciences. So after completion of schooling, she went on to do her Pharm D at Pariyaram Medical College in India. It was her sister Riga Ashokan’s persistent motivation that made her pursue her education in Pharmacy. Her sister Riga is also a Pharm D graduate who is successful in her career. Hrikdha also has a brother Hrithul Krishna who is pursuing his graduation in Computer Applications in India. At college, Hrikdha never missed even a single opportunity to participate in dance events and group dance activities.

In the 2021, she moved to Canada for higher studies and is currently doing her 2 year Healthcare Administrator and Services Course at Conestoga College, Kitchener. 

Hrikdha thought her dreams and passion to dance were buried and began to work part- time to manage her expenses. Her friends who knew her potential stood by her and made her never give up.

She became an Instagram influencer while in Canada, after she performed in the Malayali Manga Program, she posted her performance on her new Instagram page. On Insta handle, Hrikdha  met Divya George, another budding dance icon in Canada. Her partnership with Divya was the real turning point, the duo together started to post eye-ball drawing content on their social media pages. Fans and followers began to flood their pages. They started to create several interesting reels to propel traffic to their pages. At the Canadian Media Club Inauguration their dance was the highlight of the day. She also participated in the flash mob during the Malayalam blockbuster- Kurup release in Canada,  to watch her reels and performances, click here.

Hrikdha who is an established dancer in Canada now, focusses on starting online dance classes in Indian Classical and folk genres. She also dreams to pursue her career as a model, actor and dancer. As far as her academics are concerned, Hrikdha wants to obtain her Pharmacy license to practice, she also intends to complete her Doctoral program (PhD) in oncology.

Her message to budding dance artists is, though life buries your dreams by the pressures it brings, stay strong to rise up and fight to achieve your dreams. Never Give Up!

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