Love, Passion, and Pursuit: Jinson and Reshma’s Extraordinary Journey

Jinson and Reshma
Jinson and Reshma

Jinson Varghess and Reshma’s journey is a testament to the power of love, determination, and pursuing one’s passions. Jinson, born and brought up in Thiruvalla, Kerala, was known for his vibrant acting and his knack for portraying humorous characters. Reshma, originally from Trivandrum, shared a similar love for the arts and had a blossoming career at Infosys in Bangalore.

In 2010, Jinson made the bold move to Bangalore to pursue an MBA in international business. It was there that fate brought him and Reshma together. Although they worked on different projects at Infosys, they often found themselves crossing paths in the company cafeteria. Their friendship quickly turned into something deeper, and on July 8, 2012, they tied the knot.

Their love faced challenges as Reshma’s family initially opposed their marriage. However, their unwavering commitment and strong bond eventually won them over. The couple remained resilient and focused on building a life together.

Moreover, Reshma’s talent has always shone brightly since her school days, earning her the prestigious title of “Kalathilakam” at the district level in Trivandrum. This recognition has been a source of pride for both Jinson and Reshma and a testament to Reshma’s unwavering dedication to the arts.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, they had to relocate to Trivandrum. During this time, an incredible opportunity came their way as they became finalists on the popular show “Ingage Oru Bhaaryayum Bharthavum” on Flowers TV. They showcased their exceptional talents, captivating the hearts of viewers across the nation.

Dreaming of a new beginning, Jinson and Reshma set their sights on Canada. Reshma decided to enhance her career by enrolling in a project management course at Algoma University, while Jinson transferred from Infosys to embark on a new career path.

Life in Canada started off challenging as they found themselves living in a basement, reminiscent of a reality TV show. However, their determination pushed them forward. They are now proud parents to their son, Rehan Jinson, who is currently studying in the 1st grade. Despite the initial struggles, their Instagram account is gaining popularity, and they have become well-known figures in the Malayalee community in Canada.

Reshma’s talent as a singer and dancer shines through as she now works part-time as an RJ Mariamma at AAHa radio. Jinson’s involvement in cultural activities continues, as he was a member of the renowned drama group “Kala Khar” at Infosys and an active participant in the Kerala Cultural Association.

Looking ahead, Jinson and Reshma have ambitious plans for the future. They aspire to start an art school in Canada, empowering and nurturing the talents of upcoming artists. Additionally, they hope to create a short film that showcases their creativity and passion. Their motto in life is to always pursue their passions and live in the present.

Their journey serves as a reminder that life is a rollercoaster with ups and downs, but it is the determination, love, and pursuit of passion that ultimately lead to fulfillment. Jinson and Reshma’s story resonates with those who have faced obstacles in their own lives and gives hope that with perseverance, dreams can be achieved.

As they continue to make a name for themselves in Canada and inspire others with their journey, Jinson and Reshma remain grateful for the love and support they have received along the way. Their story is a testament to the power of love, following one’s passions, and embracing new beginnings. Through their journey, they encourage others to persevere, dream big, and never lose sight of what truly matters.

We cannot conclude this story without mentioning that Jinson and Reshma’s Instagram account is a hub of laughter, entertainment, and creativity. With a primary focus on comedy skits, they have mastered the art of bringing smiles and laughter to their audience. Through impeccable timing, hilarious expressions, and relatable scenarios, they have carved a niche for themselves in the comedy world. Each post is a delightful burst of joy, providing a brief escape from the daily routine. Their Instagram account continues to grow day by day, captivating an ever-expanding audience with their infectious humor and creative content.

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