Relive Your Nostalgia with Onam in Canada – Ente Canada Onachantha 2022 in association with Ahaa Radio

Ente Canada Onachantha
Ente Canada Onachantha

Toronto: A great news for the entire Malayali and Keralite Community in Canada, now you can enjoy Onam in Canada as you used to do in India. Onachantha 2022, organized by Ente Canada in association with Ahaa Radio aims to provide a sober ecosystem themed on the Onam festival. After the grand success of the event in 2021,  Ente Canada is holding this event for the second time in a row. Before disclosing about the event, let us introduce you with the organizer of the event.

Who is Ente Canada?

Ente Canada has been in the act of building a strong and well-knit Malayali Community in Canada since long. Apart from providing a daily dose of entertainment for the community, the organization keeps the community updated with relevant news and information that will be helpful for the community. With the foundation of Ente Canada laid by Shinu Arun, the success journey continues with the launch of Aaha Radio. This is a popular radio initiative by the group popularly tuned in at Aaha Prime 1350 AM and Aaha Radio 91.9 FM. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that these initiatives have touched the hearts of the Malayali Community in Canada. 

If you belong to the Malayali Community, we think, it is needless to explain Onam to you. But what we need to elaborate is how Ente Canada Onachantha 2022 will be presenting the Onam to you. Let us have a quick glance on the uniqueness of the same.

Programs and Contests

Organized on September 3, 2022 (Saturday) from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Ente Canada Onachantha 2022 will be held at 100 Porter Ave, Woodbridge fairgrounds, Vaughan, Ontario. There are no entry fees to this Shopping cum Food Festival hosting cultural events and fun games.

To start with, it is going to be an absolute package of fun and entertainment, painted in the shades of Onam. As the name depicts, it will be a complete marketplace that will reverb the feel of the festival. To add on to the colors, there are various contests and Onam games along with Onam Programs like Thiruvathirakkali and Chendamelam.

The contests in the Ente Canada Onachantha 2022 event will be like Midukkan Midukki and Theetta Mathsaram. Midukkan Midukki is a contest in which the contestants will compete across rounds to get selected as the smartest and vivacious participant. There is no age limit to participate in this reel event. Experts will select the winner on the basis of the engagement, creativity and content of the reel. There must be a coherence of the concept of the reel with the Onam theme. Winner will receive gold rings and other attractive gifts. 

In Theetta Mathsaram, a full plate of meal will be served to the attendants. This plate of meal will comprise of all the delicacies that you used to relish on in Onam when you were in Kerala.

You will be able to enjoy the cultural strides of Thiruvathirakkali and Chenda Melam during the event. Performed by prominent performers from the community, this couple of events will surely mesmerize you with music and dance all around. The most remarkable thing is that, all will be presented in a way as it used to be in India.

To add on to the glamor of the event, there will be a holistic endorsement in honor of Mahabali. This part of the event will surely swing your excitement on higher notes. After all, the Onam festival is celebrated to honor King Mahabali who visits “Kerala” at the time of Onam. So, all efforts are implemented to enlighten this portion of the event. You will be able to see the welcome and felicitation of Mahabali as soon as he arrives at the venue. 

Additionally, artforms from Kerala and other Indian states will take a spearhead lead in the event to keep you engaged. You will be more excited to know that there will be Chinese Dragon Dance and Chari Folk Dance as well to add on to your entertainment.

What more can you get ?

Under the visionary mindset of Dr. Shinu Arun, striving to please the hearts of everyone in the community, this event has something for all, irrespective of gender and age. There are games and contests for kids along with stalls selling a wide spectrum of articles and foods, capable enough to kickstart your shopping spree. 

In these stalls, you will be able to select from the best of Kerala handicrafts, fashion accessories, jewelry, grocery and food delicacies. There will be food stalls serving special items like Onam Sadya. A separate section of the venue is planned to be executed as Payasam Mela. These stalls are paid, but the articles they will serve is going to be priceless, as you won’t be able to see such a variety of food and items from your native place. You will also have the opportunity to resonate with the DJ Beats in the evening.

So, you will have a full package of entertainment, food and fun from a single event. Isn’t this a smart move from Ente Canada in association with Ahaa Radio? The 2021 event was a big success, and we expect the same this year as well. All that is needed is your valuable presence. Expect to see you in the event!

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