Study for a 1-year course and Get Permanent Residence in Canada

1-year course and Get Permanent Residence in Canada
1-year course and Get Permanent Residence in Canada

Toronto: Canada is one of the best countries for international students for study and research. Reports suggest that almost 60% of students who come to Canada for higher studies settle down here for a bright career. So would you like to join this league? You can take up a 1-year course in Canada and get Permanent Residence in Canada. This article will illuminate the waypoints of doing so for you.

Regulations to Get Permanent Residence in Canada for Students

There is an Express Entry Program for immigration in Canada. Eligibility for this program is on the basis of  a Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS Score. A Canadian Work Experience and an Academic Degree from Canada boosts this CRS Score. This enhancement allows a non-resident to apply for a Permanent Residence in Canada.

Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada – Mythbuster

Many international students opt for a Post Graduation Work Permit in Canada after their studies. But note that, a Post Graduation Work Visa is not always a direct program to get Work Permit in Canada. However, it does let the majority of foreign students who have earned a degree from a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) to stay in Canada after their study time and work for any Canadian firm. Through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or an employer-driven Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) this experience may help a person meet the requirements for permanent residence in Canada. Please be aware that not all DLI programmes qualify for a post-graduation work visa.

International students may be at a disadvantage because a lot of Canada’s immigration systems demand a specific amount of expertise, which may be a barrier to their admission. However, the majority of foreign students who graduate from universities in Canada are qualified to apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit, which enables them to work there and earn this worthwhile job experience.

Therefore, although this method sounds straight enough, it may not be helpful for students of all segments and classes. A Canadian Work Experience is always mandatory to get Permanent Residence in Canada.

Express Entry Program in Canada

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) created Express Entry in 2015 as a point-based immigration regulation system for Canada. The Canadian government can manage skilled worker applications seeking to become permanent residents of Canada with the use of this system.

An Invitation To Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residence in Canada is given to applicants with the highest points. Your one-year course in Canada will contribute a lot to this score.

Express Entry offers three important immigration programmes:

Eligibility Criteria for Express Entry Program in Canada

Although the three mentioned Immigration Programs have different eligibility norms, yet, the majority part of the assessment is based on the following sections:

  • Adequate knowledge of English or French
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) positive report
  • A score of at least 67 points to qualify for some programs
  • Good medical health
  • Ability to clear the debt
  • No age barrier, but no point are awarded for over 47 years

CRS Score Analysis to get Permanent Residence in Canada

Now how a One-year course in Canada can make you eligible to get Permanent Residence in Canada? Let us dig deeper into this. Following is the breakup table of the assessment criteria:

ParametersPermissible Score
Language Skills (English/French)28
Work Experience15
Job Offer in Canada10
Total Score100

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From the table above, you can understand how your Permanent Residence application will be assessed by the Canada Immigration Department. If you complete a course in Canada, it will be easy for you to score the required 67 marks out of 100. Following are the reasons how:

  • If you get the opportunity to study in Canada, you have already cleared the Language Proficiency part. So this part may not be a hurdle in your CRS Score.
  • With your Education for 1 year in Canada, you can expect to get the 25 marks listed.
  • There are organizations in Canada who seek part-timers to work with them. After your classes, you will have the scope to carry on a job. This will give you a good score out of the 15 points for Work Experience.
  • As you are studying in Canada, we will expect that you are below 47 years in age. The 12 points for age is not applicable for foreigners above 47 years of age. Therefore, expect a good grade out of this section.
  • Most of the Designated Learning Institutes in Canada offer placement assistance. Therefore, there are high chances of getting a job offer in Canada after you complete your course. This secures 10 more points for you.
  • After staying for 1 year in Canada, you will automatically adapt yourself with the surroundings. Therefore, here also you reserve 10 more points.

Therefore, from this analysis, we hope that you are able to understand that your initiative to Study in Canada for one year will confirm your path to get Permanent Residence in Canada. You can affirm yourself of a great share of eligibility points leading to make you score 67 out of 100 and bag your PR in Canada.

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