An Authentic Event Listing and Ticketing Platform for Your Event in Canada

Event Listing and Ticketing Platform
Event Listing and Ticketing Platform

Toronto: Planning to organize an event in Canada? Irrespective of the type of event you are planning to put up, we have the correct listing and ticketing platform for you. Led and managed by a team of accountable professionals, Swagatham Canada is basically a community service platform. But lately, with the visionary ideas of our founders, we identified that there is a need for such a platform so that you can plan and execute events in Canada in a jiffy.

Why Swagatham Canada?

You may know about multiple platforms providing virtual solutions for events in Canada. But what makes us different is the security and privacy we offer in the open source. The features of our service that will surely instigate you to partner with us in your events are as follows:

  1. Great recognition and presence in the Indian community
  2. A strong presence on social media with a good number of subscribers
  3. Secure website with high domain authority and 0% spam score
  4. Landing page for a big community of expats and Canadians
  5. Stock point of success stories of celebrities and industry leaders in Canada
  6. Easy and secure virtual payment gateway both for you and your pass subscribers
  7. Expert assistance from our team of communication experts
  8. Hassle-free refund process( if applicable )

If you take these collectively, Swagatham Canada is a complete solution for the branding and promotion of your event in Canada.

What types of events in Canada do we support?

The only thing is that the event needs to be genuine and hosted in Canada. Henceforth, whatever be the type of event, we can cater our services for all of them. For your convenience, let us list the types of events in Canada we prefer to support –

  • Community events
  • Entertainment events
  • Guest speaker events or entrepreneurial sessions
  • Networking event sessions
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops and masterclasses
  • VIP events
  • Sponsorship and/or fundraising events
  • Trade shows and event expos
  • Awards and competitions
  • Festivals and parties
  • Webinars

All we need is proof of the authenticity of the host and the event. Henceforth, we can take charge of the event listing and ticketing Platform for the same.

How do we work?

We follow a competently aesthetic and technically authentic process to support any event on our platform. The steps we follow to onboard any event on our platform are;

Step 1: Receive request

We accept all requests either through a reference from our team or emails we receive from event hosts.

Step 2: Verification

We check the authenticity of the event under various scales of industry standards and security parameters. Our team often cross-checks the social status of the events whose requests we receive. We reject any type of event that has the minimum tendency of promoting vulgarity, social or moral discrimination, profanity, or any activity that can lead to a breach of law or social norms.

Step 3: Communication

Once our team is satisfied with the verification, an expert communicates with the host team of the event. Henceforth, our representative explains the legalities and process of onboarding the event on our virtual platform.

Step 4: Onboarding

Based on the type of service required, we declare an onboarding process. That may differ depending upon the type of support an event may need from us. But normally, it is very fast!

We are a community-based and community-driven online platform. Our intent to launch this service aims towards communal integrity and betterment. We aim to surpass all limits and constraints in the process of uniting people coming from the same or different communities to lead a peaceful and successful life. And, aren’t events a great platform for such unions?

So what event are you planning to host? Talk to our team and book a slot at

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