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Asianet News Healthcare Excellence Awards 2023 in association with Ontario Heroes in Canada

healthcare excellence awards canada 2023

We all know that health is wealth. So, the people facilitating keeping up with the health and hygiene standards at a social scale certainly is the “health-keepers”. To honor the valuable contribution of Indians who are tirelessly maintaining and uplifting the health and hygiene standards of Canada, Asianet News in association with Ontario Heroes Health and Social Services is going to felicitate the best of the health workers. To be held at the Grand Empire Banquet Hall, Brampton, Ontario, you can visit Asianet News Healthcare Excellence Awards Canada on Saturday, April 22, 2023.

This article is going to be your dossier on the Healthcare Excellence Award Canada 2023. Keep on scrolling for the complete details.

About the Organizers

Healthcare Excellence Awards 2023 is the outcome of the benevolent thought process of Asianet News and Ontario Heroes for the health workers in Canada. It is quite evident that during and post the COVID period, health workers played a great role by taking their profession ahead of all boundaries in love and compassion for society. To mark an imprint of this invaluable contribution of health workers in Canadian history, these two premier bodies of the industry plan to felicitate the “health keepers”. Let us know about the organizers comprehensively!

Asianet News

Among the plethora of news television networks in Kerala, Asianet News, the top Malayalam news channel, stands out as the most dependable source of news. It is one of the first television news networks in India. Furthermore, it has a big team of seasoned reporters and a vast network of news bureaus. Asianet News attracts viewers for its honest reporting and steadfast support of the rights of the oppressed and marginalized. This media house has continuously ranked at the top of TV rankings across all audience tiers owing to its reliance on and possession of cutting-edge technology and equipment. 

Asianet News holds a long and effective history of 27 years and keeps outperforming its rivals. Additionally, widespread circulation of its news is in 128 nations throughout the world. This highly influential media platform has made the decision to launch “The Healthcare Excellence Awards,” another honorable award, globally, in 2023. For many years to come, this will be the new dawn for honoring medical experts from all over the world. The United States, Kuwait, Oman, and a few other nations have already given out these honors.

Ontario Heroes Health & Social Services

The Ontario Heroes Health and Social Services (OHHSS) is a nonprofit organization with federal registration offering volunteer health, legal, and social services as well as professional mentoring, housing, and employment connections. Members of this distinctive group come from 16 different ethnic backgrounds. OHHSS is a very unique organization that works fervently to improve the lives of recommended persons. The operation range of the organization covers several places in Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Ontario.

Admiringly, OHHSS regularly handles cases in 17 different languages and has more than 250 volunteers from 30 various professional and cultural backgrounds, which supports Canada’s objective of community development and sustainable progress. Additionally, the organization has a new community development effort in India that will be launched in a few months, with the mission of expanding its services at a global scale.

Jointly, these two organizations pioneering the media and social service sectors at both local and global scales led to the idea of this unique event, Healthcare Excellence Awards 2023 in Canada.

Invaluable Indian Contributions to the Healthcare System of Canada

By going above and above the call of duty during the Covid-19 outbreak, healthcare personnel—including Indian healthcare workers in Canada—made the biggest contribution to society. Therefore, to recognize and felicitate this, Asianet News and Ontario Heroes laid the benchmark of this award to honor such persons in the healthcare industry.

Please note that the publicly funded healthcare system in Canada has undergone revisions during the past 40 years in response to societal and medical advancements. The essentials, however, remain the same: Therefore, it is the need, not the ability to pay, that determines eligibility for universal coverage of essential medical services. 

The majority of healthcare services in Canada are under administrative and provisional supervision of the provinces and territories, and all provincial and territorial health insurance plans must abide by the federal standards set forth in the Canada Health Act. The Canadian healthcare system has benefited greatly from the contributions of immigrants, notably healthcare professionals of Indian descent.

Aim of the Asianet News Healthcare Excellence Awards 2023 in Canada

Asianet News, in collaboration with Ontario Heroes Health and Social Services, honors the healthcare professionals who have achieved in Canada as a pioneering move. The event recognizes the healthcare workers and aims to felicitate them with the following visions:

  • Saluting the health workers and bringing their contribution to the spotlight, now, when we are almost ready to shed off our masks after 2 years of unpredicted calamity.
  • Honoring those who went above and above the call of duty in their line of work, serving those who trusted them with understanding and compassion.
  • Tribute in remembrance to those who lost their lives during this unpredicted, crucial catastrophe of COVID to save the lives of millions.

Please note that this is the first Malayalam visual medium to ever broadcast internationally and to conduct awards in collaboration with Ontario Heroes for people contributing to the country’s healthcare system.

Eligibility for Nominations under the Healthcare Excellence Awards 2023 in Canada

The pivotal eligibility criteria for nomination is active involvement in the Canadian healthcare system as a significant contributor. Additional criteria are as follows:

  • A healthcare professional of Indian descent from any Canadian city may submit an application.
  • Non-profit, charitable, and community associations providing health and social services run by people of Indian descent in any Canadian city.

Therefore, not only health workers or professionals, but organizations are also eligible to claim their felicitation at the event. All they need to have is active participation in the Canadian healthcare ecosystem.

Award Categories at Healthcare Excellence Awards 2023 in Canada

The healthcare domain itself is a vast community of healthcare professionals in Canada. So, it is never possible to confine the felicitation and recognition process to a single category.

For appropriate recognition and honor of healthcare workers, the award categories are classified as follows:

Category 1: YOUTH ICON for
– Excellence in extra-curricular activities during their studies.
– Contributions to the healthcare and social service sectors during Covid-19.
– Healthcare workers within thirty years of age.
Nominations can be forwarded by the Self, the Public, or Organizations.
Category 2: COVID WARRIOR for
– Valuable contributions during the Covid-19.
– Allied Healthcare professionals.
This award is open to all and Nominations can be forwarded by the Self Public or Organization.
Category 3: NURSE OF THE YEAR for
– Minimum 15 years of work experience in Canada.
– Leadership capabilities and community involvement.
– Outstanding contributions towards Covid-19.
Nominations can be forwarded by the Self or Public or Organization.
Category 4: DOCTOR OF THE YEAR for
– Minimum 15 years of work experience in Canada.
– Leadership capabilities and community involvement.
– Outstanding contributions during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Nominations can be forwarded by the Self or Public or Organization.
– 30+ years of work experience in the Canadian Healthcare sector. 
– Leadership capabilities and community involvement.
Nominations can be forwarded by the Self or Public or Organizations.
– Minimum of 10 years of leadership experience in any healthcare or allied healthcare sector, such as Manager, HOD, Supervisor, Director, ED, or CEO in Canada. 
– Demonstrated healthcare leadership and management expertise in their organization and community. 
– Evidence of modeling his/her own continuous learning and capacity development in his/her employees, volunteers, and students. 
– Contribution to healthcare system improvement and innovation during the 2020-2022 COVID period.
Nominations can be forwarded by the Self or Public or Organizations.
– Outstanding and valuable contributions made by Health Care, Community associations, or Social Service organizations during the Covid-19. 
– Registered Health Care Service Providers, Community Associations, or Social Service Organizations within Canada are welcome to apply.

Important Dates and contact details of Healthcare Excellence Awards 2023 in Canada

The Kick-off meeting for the event is going to be held on January 28, 2023, with the involvement of representatives from Asianet News & Ontario Heroes Health and Social Services. The meeting is organized at MC News Media Room, 1325 Eglinton Avenue East, Unit #217, Mississauga ON will be headed by Mr. Praveen Varkey and Mr. Jithu Damodar. 
Please note that the last date for submitting applications for nomination under the respective award categories is April 12, 2023. If you are interested to apply, you can email your entries to

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