Are you ready to groove on Rousing Rhythm’s High On Music event in Canada?

Rousing Rhythm organizes High on music event in Canada
Rousing Rhythm organizes High on music event in Canada

Toronto: Rousing Rhythm is an unparalleled media company organizing substantial South Asian multicultural soul magnificence and preserving its essence. 

Rousing Rhythm’s objective is to emerge as one of the top and unique media firms in the business by showcasing South Asia’s magnificent multiculturalism and sustaining its presence in the deficit media business through extensive art events and thoughtful collaborations.   

The mission of Rousing Rhythm is to advance and expand a range of South Asian art through stage shows with a target to bring out the nostalgia and resemblance of art and culture and promote it.

Rousing Rhythm organizes artistic events and performances all across Canada. These events are organized in some top-notch venues in Canada with perfect ambience created by acoustics and enhanced lighting effects.

Perks of Rousing Rhythm

Following are some outstanding features of Rousing Rhythm that make it the best in the business-

● Organizes concerts featuring some of the most well-known Indian and international celebrities to showcase South Asian heritage.

● Providing a platform that showcases Indian folk and traditional music and dance feats performed by global as well as local artists

● Engage their clientele with dynamic, participatory events that are both fun and educational about traditional arts and culture.

● Plans Celebrity Chef events and stimulates South Indian delicacy.

● Promotes workshops that are nourishing to the body and mind.

● Launches exhibitions of art featuring Keralan artists in India.

Founders: Six marvellous personalities have founded Rousing Rhythm

Manu Mathew

Rousing Rhythm is the brainchild of Manu Mathew. He is the president and founder of Rousing Rhythm. A spirited leader and information technology maestro, he is a committed team maker. He strives to put in his scrupulous experience to Rousing Rhythm while collaborating with several socio-culture committees in Canada and India.

Sethu Vidyasagar 

Sethu Vidyasagar is the co-founder and director of Rousing Rhythm. Currently working as an editor in ATN International Inc Canada and is the founder and creative head of S.R.A. Productions Canada. He is the presidential face of the India Press Club of North America of Canada and is Canada Regional Director of the Asianet U.S. weekly round-up.

Kavitha K Menon

One of the directors of rousing Rhythm and a big helping hand in bringing the premium concert to Canada this October, Kavitha Menon is a cross-functional media professional. Starting as the presenter of Surya T.V., she has done a commendable job through her award-winning acting and journalism in her more than 15+ years of professional experience.

Kavitha’s life achievement does not end here. She is currently the Canada Chapter Secretary of the India Press Club of North America.

S.L. Anand

Mr S.L. Anand has been a well-known face in capturing the memories of every event for more than two decades now. Starting his career with eminent Mathrubhumi publications, Mr Anand has demonstrated his art through wedding photography, portrait photography, and fashion photography and has touched skylines in his business landscape.

Paul John

Paul Nedumkunnel is a multi-talented musician and percussionist who enthusiastically supports Indian art and culture through his artistry and voluntary works.

Sujith Unnithan

Sujith Unnithan is the director of Wonderwall Media (our event sponsor), a South Indian corporation representing South India’s leading singers and composers. They nurture and promote young talents from South India through world tours in countries like U.K., Australia, Middle East, U.S.A., and Canada. In his 20+ years of experience, he has travelled worldwide to promote Indian art and culture.

The uniqueness of Rousing Rhythm

There are many Indians who have migrated to other parts of the world, but there aren’t many media there that promote Indian art and culture. Rousing Rhythm is one platform that preserves and promotes the Indian heritage, making Rousing Rhythm stand out.

They showcase premium artists’ signature arts and talents at premium shows whose main motto is to provide pure entertainment and bring back the nostalgia for the Indian folks who migrated to many places of North America.  

The premium artists who perform their art and craft are some of the best and most prominent celebrities from South India.

These premium artists who perform at the premium shows (High on music) organized by Rousing Rhythm are-

Harish Sivaramakrishnan is an Indian playback singer and a lead vocalist of rock band Agam, Bengaluru. Not only a singer, but he is a great composer and Carnatic musician. His talent has been appreciated and awarded from time to time. Harish won the best playback singer (Male) (Tamil) award in 2021 for the song “Veyyon Silli” from the popular film Soorarai Pottru.

Harish has also sung many Tamil and Malayalam songs on which you must have grooved. His melodious songs are; Padayatra, Mist of Capricorn, Thoomani Madathu, Kooth (Koothu) Over Coffee, Paadukayanu Sakhi, Pallippuram Sajith, and Maayate. Yes, he is the same singer whose music you have listened to on loop.

Sithara Krishnakumar is an Indian playback singer, composer, dancer, and occasional actor who is also the lead singer of Project Malabaricus. In addition, Sithara has formal training in the classical music genres of Hindustani and Carnatic, is a renowned ghazal singer, and mostly works in Malayalam cinema in addition to Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada films. A 3 times Kerala state award winner, Sithara has taken part in theatre productions and concerts worldwide and travels extensively. She also works with other Kerala-based bands and her other musical interests are folk and fusion.

Job Kurian is an Indian vocalist, composer, and playback singer who has made a name for himself in the indie film sector and has worked primarily in Kerala industry in Malayalam language for the last 13 years. He serves as the show’s frontman, Job Kurian Live. Along with more than 40 tunes in the Malayalam Film biz, T.V. shows like straight from the heart, Music Mojo, Thalam (album), hope project, and his enthusiastic live performances have given him the renown he still holds in the hearts of all Kerala music fans.

Suraj Santhosh is a lead vocalist of the world-famous band in South band. Along with singing in Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil and stealing the hearts of his fans, Suraj has performed almost 200 songs in eight different Indian languages. As the famous saying, ‘well begun is half done’, the Mirchi Music Awards South went to him for his debut song, “Inka Etho,” written by G.V. Prakash for the Telugu Darling.

High on music event

Rousing Rhythm is about to launch an event called High On MusicThe U.S. and Canada gateway tour of many promising talents from South India who are carrying the roots of art and culture of India to all corners of India through their entertaining performances.

The premium locations are-

Centennial Hall, London

Date: 7th October 2022

Time Slot: 19:00- 22:00

Meridian Theaters, Centrepointe, Ottawa

Date: 8th October 2022

Time Slot: 18:30 -21:30

Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Toronto

Date: 9th October 2022

Time Slot: 18:30- 21:30

Why Shouldn’t You Miss Out On It?

If you are an immigrant from India living and working in another region, you must experience homesickness and a desire to experience your native culture and heritage.

Rousing Rhythm is aware of your needs, which is why we bring some top South Indian musicians from India to perform in countries of South America, including Canada, London, and many others.

You must not miss out on it because-

● You will listen to and experience the best of arts from your homeland, India.

● Your favourite solo and band artists will be performing live for you.

● A wonderful chance to walk down the lane of memories and rekindle old recollections of your art and culture.

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