Good news for Parents and Grandparents. Canada to extend Super Visa up to five years

Toronto: The Parents and Grandparents Super Visa has just undergone a significant redesign by IRCC. Currently, Super Visa holders are permitted a maximum stay of two years per admission. In addition to allowing numerous entries, the Super Visa is a 10-year visa. About 17,000 Super Visas are given out each year in Canada, according to IRCC figures.

Currently, only Canadian insurance providers may offer the requisite medical coverage for Super Visa applicants. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced that it will reveal additional information at a later date.

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Starting on July 4, 2022:

  • Per admission into Canada, the term of stay for Super Visa holders will be enhanced to five years.
  • People currently in Canada with a Super Visa have the option to request an extension of their stay for up to two years. This implies that current Super Visa holders can now remain in Canada for up to seven years in a row.
  • In the future, the Immigration Minister of Canada will be able to choose international medical insurance providers to offer coverage for Super Visa applicants.

Kyle Seeback, a Conservative Party of Canada member of Parliament, proposed these revisions via Bill C-242. The ruling Liberal Party of Canada supports the revisions and will vote in favour of Bill C-242, which is presently making its way through Parliament, according to a press statement issued by IRCC today.

Families are the foundation of Canadian society. The enhancements to the super visa programme allow family members to reunite for longer in Canada, which helps everyday Canadians and permanent residents succeed and contribute to society, while affording their parents and grandparents priceless opportunities to spend time with their family in Canada, according to Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.

The Super Visa has been offered as an option to the Parents and Grandparents Program for more than a decade (PGP). The PGP provides permanent residency, but because it is so popular, the demand to sponsor far surpasses the available seats. In a given year, IRCC receives interest from over 200,000 sponsors, but only offers approximately 20,000 PGP immigration places. In recent years, as a result, IRCC has temporarily opened windows for expressing interest in the PGP, followed by lotteries granting invitations to apply for permanent residency under the PGP. In an email sent to a leading immigration portal late last week, IRCC stated that their plans for the PGP in 2022 have not been updated.

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As a result, the Super Visa is available to individuals who pass a medical assessment and submit evidence of private health insurance from an approved insurer. This is so that Super Visa holders can receive emergency medical care in Canada without having to pay for it themselves. In addition, host children and grandchildren must achieve the minimum income requirements established by IRCC.

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