What to do if your PR visa to Canada gets delayed?

PR visa to Canada
PR visa to Canada

Toronto: To avoid delays in your visa,  first and foremost it is essential to fill out your application completely. Then read through the application carefully to spot errors. 

Make sure the entire application is read again to check whether all the requested documents are included. Be careful to check and verify that all signatures needed are placed in the application.

Pay the correct fee and also include the Police clearance certificate to ensure quicker processing. Send the file to the appropriate address.

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If all the following is done, and even after that if there is a delay in your processing, make sure to check your status online. The online portal will give you the status of your application and also indicate the processes that are already completed by them with dates.

IRCC webform gives you options to submit your queries and also upload your supporting documents. You can enquire with IRCC about the status of your application and the processes that are completed.

In response to your web form query, IRCC generally gives you a clarification mail. This mail can give you a reason why there is a delay or even in certain cases give updates on your application. If the mail response sent by IRCC lacks clarity, the next option you have is to request for your GCMS notes.

The GCMS notes are the  case notes from your case officer. It gives you all the inputs needed on your file from the time your application was submitted. Every progress made by the application will be included in a detailed manner.

If you find out which local office is processing your papers through the GCMS notes, you can write to the relevant office and get the status of your file.

IRCC also gives a few reasons, for which it can expedite the processing of your file. The reasons being the health of your loved one or the death of a family member and so on…This can be done only in the case of a family class sponsorship PR. 

The last option for extended delays beyond processing time is to contact an immigration lawyer. An immigration lawyer can be your representative to IRCC and write your queries and grievances about the delay and help you understand the reason for the delay.

 If further documents or any other additional details are requested by IRCC, they will write and ask you to submit the document to move the file ahead and to make the final decision about your file.

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If no extra documents are needed, you can be rest assured that the delay is due to backlogs and all you need to do is wait until the final decision is made. Do not write again and again to IRCC as an outburst of your frustration. Every time you send a web form or write to them, IRCC takes efforts to answer and respond to your queries. This delays the process of your application even further. Use the time of wait prudently to build your resources and knowledge assets, so that you’ll be all equipped to be productive in Canada. You can also take-up the most wanted course in Canada and update your skills as it will enable to get a job in Canada as soon as you land there easily.

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